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First Apple Watch Preorders in Canada Shipping as UPS Tracking Sent Out

Better check your email because the first Apple Watch preorders in Canada have shipped via UPS. (more…)

This Imaginary ‘Day in the Life of an Apple Watch User’ is Quite Convincing

Are you considering Apple Watch? This is what your typical day might look like with the new wearable from Apple.


Last Chance: 3-Year Anonymizer VPN Subscription for 77% Off at $1.53/mo [Deals]

The Anonymizer VPN subscription deal is ending today, so jump on it while you can.

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1Password Writes Open Letter to Banks, In Response to Recent TD Canada SNAFU

1Password wants all banks to know it’s easy to integrate their password security into your app

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iOS 8.3: Auto Speakerphone Calls via Siri; Easier Free App Downloads

iOS 8.3 has improved the way users make phone calls via Siri, while also including settings to download free apps without a password.


Upcoming ‘Becoming Steve Jobs’ Book is the ‘Anti-Walter’ Isaacson Biography

Walter Isaacson’s official Steve Jobs biography is being challenged by the upcoming book.

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Koodo Self Serve App 3.0 for iPhone Launches, Brings New Redesign [PICS]

TELUS-owned Koodo has launched a new redesigned version of its self serve iPhone app.


Apple Watch Reportedly Still Facing Display and Assembling Issues

Apple is continuing to struggle with various low yield issues surrounding the Apple Watch.


New WIND Mobile CEO is Alek Krstajic, the Founder of Public Mobile

WIND Mobile has announced the former founder and CEO of Public Mobile is the new CEO.


Here’s How it’s Like Surfing the Web with a 1986 Mac Plus [VIDEO]

Connecting a 1986 Mac Plus to the modern web isn’t as bad as one might imagine.

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Instagram Launches ‘Layout’ on iOS: Create Collages, Take Photo Booth Images [u]

Instagram has now made it possible to upload multiple photos to the social network.

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New Backlit Apple Wireless Keyboard Shown in the Apple Store Online [PIC]

Is a new Apple Wireless keyboard coming that’s backlit?


Apple Says Upcoming Biography Tells the Story of the “Steve We Knew”

Apple praises ‘Becoming Steve Jobs’ as the book reflecting “the Steve we knew”.