Apple Announces 9.7″ iPad Starting at $449 in Canada, Preorders March 24

Looks like the rumours about Apple releasing new products this week came true. The company released a new 9.7-inch iPad today (more…)

CEO of Uber Quits President Trump’s Economic Advisory Council

Travis Kalanick is stepping down from Donald Trump’s economic advisory council.


American Express Pleased with Apple Pay in Canada, as Mobile Payments Increase

American Express says it is happy with the way mobile payments have launched in Canada.


How WhatsApp is Battling Spam with End-to-End Encryption

WhatsApp has reduced spam by 75% after launching end-to-end encryption.


Apple CEO to Receive Honorary Degree from University of Glasgow

Tim Cook will also have a Q&A session with students at the University of Glasgow next week.


Apple’s Free App of the Week is Puzzle Game ‘Roofbot’

If you’re looking for a free puzzle game, check out Apple’s Free App of the Week.


Victoria is Canada’s “Most Romantic City” Five Years Running Says Amazon

Amazon has released stats on the “Most Romantic City” in Canada based on sales of romance novels.


LG UltraFine 5K Monitor Fix Coming to Address Wi-Fi Interference

LG’s UltraFine 5K monitor displays would flicker or freeze when they were within two meters of a wireless router.


Class-Action Lawsuit Alleges Apple Intentionally Forced Users to Upgrade to iOS 7

The suit claims that Apple forced iPhone users to upgrade to iOS 7, by breaking one of the most used apps on such smartphones, FaceTime.


Apple Set to Begin iPhone Production in India by April

The company seeks to tap into a booming Indian middle class while sales in China slow.


Hacker Releases Cache of Files Allegedly Stolen from Forensics Company Cellebrite

Hacker shares cache of files allegedly stolen from forensics company Cellebrite.


Freedom Mobile’s U.S. Data Roaming Outage Gets Trolled Hard by Public Mobile

Public Mobile’s Twitter went on the offensive after Freedom Mobile suffered U.S. data roaming outages.


Snap Inc. Files for $3 Billion IPO

Snap made its first public IPO (initial public offering) filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.