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iOS 8 Download Now Available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch [u]

Apple has just released iOS 8 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The latest update is now available over-the-air or via iTunes. (more…)

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Apple Airs New iPhone 5s TV Ad, ‘Dreams’ [VIDEO]

Apple has aired a new iPhone 5s ad called ‘Dreams’.

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First Apple & Beats Ad Shows Pills Asking Siri for Directions to Dr. Dre’s Party [VIDEO]

Apple and Beats have released their first ad together…


Apple’s Free iOS App of the Week: Deemo

Deemo by Rayark is Apple’s free iOS app of the week.


Judge Grants Apple Preliminary Approval in $450 Million E-Book Antitrust Settlement

Apple granted preliminary approval in $450 million ebook settlement.

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New $45 Koodo Promo: 200 Minutes, 5PM Evenings, 800MB Data

Koodo has launched a new promo plan for $45 per month which comes with 800MB of data.

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Rogers, Telus and Bell Seek New Revenue Streams

Canadian telcos entering new businesses ranging from banking to healthcare to drive growth.


Beats Music CEO Ian Rogers to Now Run Apple’s iTunes Radio

Beats Music chief Ian Rogers will now run iTunes Radio according to sources.

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Koodo’s Upcoming “Mobile Mobile Charging Station” is a Dude in a Battery Suit [VIDEO]

Koodo has plans to launch a real life mobile charging station this summer, coming soon to a location near you.

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Ryan Seacrest’s BlackBerry Keyboard iPhone Case Returns as the ‘Typo 2′ [PICS]

The Typo 2 is the second attempt to sell a BlackBerry keyboard case for the iPhone.


Roam Mobility August Promo: Get a Free Day of Talk+Text+Data

Roam Mobility has launched a promo for the month of August to give out a free day of Talk+Text+Data

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‘Mitro’ Password Manager Seen as Free, Open Source Alternative to 1Password

Mitro an open source and free password manager.

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This is What a Working ‘iPhone 6′ Clone Unboxing Looks Like [VIDEO]

Clone makers in China have tried to make iPhone 6 unboxing as real as possible.