MBNA Canada Launches Apple Pay Support

MBNA Canada has launched Apple Pay today for their MasterCard users, after long teasing support would arrive in June. (more…)

Telegram Messenger for iOS and OS X Updated With New Group Chat Features

Telegram has updated its messaging app for iOS with several new group chat features.


Pebble Announces $1 Million Smartstrap Development Fund

Pebble announces $1 million fund for Pebble-related smartstrap projects.


Apple Releases 2015-003 Security Update for OS X Yosemite

OS X Yosemite has a new security update, released this afternoon.


CRTC Announces Basic TV Service Capped at $25, Required by March 2016

The CRTC has a major announcement in regards to the future of television in Canada.


Kijiji Shares iPhone and iPad Sales Data on its 10th Anniversary

Kijiji has been a popular place for Canadians to sell their iPhones and iPads.


Gazelle Has Announced it Will Buy Used Apple Watches

The Boston-based reseller has today announced that it will be buying used Apple Watches


How to Find the Best Wi-Fi Channel with Wireless Diagnostics in OS X

You can use OS X’s built-in Wireless Diagnostics to find the most interference free channel to use for your Wi-Fi network.


Rovio’s Angry Birds Fly the Coop: Profits Plunge 73%, Bets on 3D Movie

Angry Birds developer Rovio has announced a 73% profit drop in 2014.


Apple’s Virtual Keyboard Patent for iMac Details Haptic Feedback System

Apple has patented a virtual keyboard system for iMac.


CRTC to Mandate “Skinny Basic” TV Packages with $25 Cap: Report

The CRTC will announce new changes for cable and satellite TV operators today.


Security Professionals Seem Worried About the Apple Watch

Security researchers are already trying to figure out what vulnerabilities might exist in the Apple Watch.


Live KHL Playoff Streams Available to Canadians for the First Time on iOS

Canadians can now watch live KHL playoffs from their iPhone via this mobile app.