Apple Announces 9.7″ iPad Starting at $449 in Canada, Preorders March 24

Looks like the rumours about Apple releasing new products this week came true. The company released a new 9.7-inch iPad today (more…)

IGN’s Free iOS Game of The Month – Ridge Racer Slipstream

Ridge Racer Slipstream by Bandi Namco Games is IGN’s free iOS game of the month.


New Apple-Developed Wireless Beats Solo2 Headphones Detailed in FCC Document

A new document submitted to the FCC reveals the first Beats branded product to be released under the guidance of Apple.


Making the Most of Your iPhone’s Camera by Using Focus Techniques

How you can make the most of your iPhone’s camera by using auto/manual focus.


Canadian Wireless Carriers Are Focused on Improving Customer Service and Network Quality

Wireless carriers in Canada are constantly competing for your business, however, this has little to do with offering you the best or lowest prices.


Watch TELUS Employees Read Your Profanity-Laced Angry Tweets [VIDEOS]



GT Advanced Reveals One-Sided Story of Failed Sapphire Deal with Apple

GT Advanced accuses Apple of cost overruns and additional expenses that made sapphire manufacturing unprofitable.


Apple’s Free App of the Week is Swype Keyboard ($0.99 value)

Apple’s free App of the Week is Swype.


United Airlines Aims to Entice Travellers with iPad Rollout

United Airlines is offering a diversion via shopping and dining orders from an iPad to its loyal travellers.


Apple Online Stores Discontinue Sales of Fitbit Devices

Fitbit devices are no longer sold by Apple online.


Facebook Debuts ‘Unfollow’ Feature So You Don’t Have to Unfriend Anymore [PIC]

Facebook has given users more options to control their news feeds on mobile and the web.


Mark Zuckerberg Explains Why Facebook Messenger Became a Forced Download

Facebook CEO has finally explained why they moved messaging out of its main app.


WIND Mobile Launches $44 Promo Plan: Unlimited Data, Canada/US Calling and More

WIND Mobile has debuted a new $44 promo plan ahead of the holiday season.