Apple Announces WWDC 2017: June 5-9 in San Jose

Apple has announced this morning WWDC will take place June 5-9 this year, (more…)

MTS, SaskTel and Tbaytel to CRTC: Wholesale Roaming Caps Are Hurting Us

Regional carriers suggest the CRTC should exempt small carriers from having to provide the Big Three with roaming at a mandated cost.


Apple to Hold iPad Event on October 16 says Re/code

Apple’s next iPad event will take place on October 16.


Reservations for iPhone 6 Units Surpass 4 Million Units in China [Report]

iPhone 6 reservations in China surpass 4 million in just four days. That’s a million unit per day.


iPhone 6 Plus Said to Account for 60% of iPhone 6 Shipments

The iPhone 6 Plus accounts for 60% of all iPhone 6 shipments says Digitimes.


Apple Wants Beats Music Price Below $10/month, In Talks with Record Labels

Rumours point to Apple re-negotiating with record labels to lower the $10/month price of Beats Music.


TD Bank CIO Predicts Apple Pay Launch in Canada “At Least a Year Away”

The CIO of TD Group says the company already has mobile solutions and talks about Apple Pay.


Tim Allen Awkwardly Touts BlackBerry Passport Over iPhone 6 on Jimmy Kimmel [VIDEO]

Tim “The Toolman Taylor” shows off his new BlackBerry Passport on Jimmy Kimmel, in weird fashion.


iPhone 6 Plus Vs. iPhone 5s Wi-Fi Speed Comparison [VIDEO]

A new video compares the Wi-Fi speeds of the 802.11ac iPhone 6 Plus and the 802.11n iPhone 5s.


Apple Watch Said to Launch in February in Limited Quantities

Apple Watch will launch in February, but in limited quantities.


Patent Reveals Apple’s a Next-Generation iOS Remote App System

Apple’s latest patent filing shows a next-gen iOS Remote app system capable of translating the Apple TV’s UI to smaller format.


Apple iPhone 6, Phone 6 plus Pre-Orders Surpass 2 Million on First Day in China

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus pre-orders surpass 2 million on first day in China.


Samsung: Galaxy Note 4 ‘Gapgate’ is a ‘Feature’, Not Manufacturing Defect [VIDEO]

That gap users were experiencing on their new Galaxy Note 4 smartphones? It’s a feature!