iOS 10.3 Download for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch Now Available [u]

Apple has just made iOS 10.3 available for download for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. (more…)

Big 3 Network Speed Tests Ranked in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver

Independent mobile performance company tests Canada’s networks: here is what they found.


A8X in iPad Air 2 Smokes Google Nexus 9’s Tegra K1 in Graphics Rendering

Apple’s new A8X chip in iPad Air 2 trounces Google’s latest tablet in graphics processing.


Apple Predicted to Ship Record 310 Million iOS Devices in 2015

Apple is expected to ship 25% more iOS devices in 2015 as compared to previous year.


Google’s New ‘Inbox’ iOS Email App Was Created in Canada by Kitchener Team

Google’s new Inbox iOS app was made entirely in Canada.


From Concept to Reality: Apple Watch Homescreen UI Lands on iPhone [VIDEO]

What would the Apple Watch interface look like on the iPhone?


Teardown Analysis Estimates 16 GB Wi-Fi iPad Air 2 Costs $275 to Build

Apple spends at least $275 on building the entry level iPad Air 2.


Apple R&D Spending Exceeds $6 Billion in Fiscal 2014

Apple’s research and development spending exceeded $6 billion in fiscal 2014.


Apple Pay Registered 1 Million Credit Cards in First 72 Hours [WSJD Live Recap]

Tim Cook shared more details about Apple Pay at the WSJD Live Conference.


iOS and Android Users Unite To Fight Rite Aid/CVS Over NFC Mobile Payments Ban

Several Apple Pay users, along with Android users, have threatened to boycott retail stores that don’t accept NFC mobile payments.


Samsung To Release A Cheaper Line Of Smartphones To Compete With Xiaomi

Samsung is set to roll out a new line of less expensive smartphones to compete with other manufacturers like Xiaomi.


Apple Responds to Retailers Blocking Apple Pay; MCX Explains Mobile Vision [VIDEO]

Apple has responded to the situation where some retailers are disabling NFC to block Apple Pay.


Apps Updated for iPhone 6: Feedly, Yelp, Yellow Pages Canada

Some popular apps have been updated for the larger iPhone 6 screens today.