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Hurry! Name Your Own Price Mac Bundle 5.0: Get 9 Mac Apps for Under $4

If you’re looking to get some awesome Mac apps, the Name Your Own Price Mac Bundle 5.0 is live in our Deals Store. As long as you pay above the average price, you get all nine Mac apps below! (more…)

Apple Crown

IDC Report Confirms Apple is World’s Number One Smartphone Maker in Q2

It was previously reported Apple had become the world’s largest smartphone maker, …


Thoughts About Wireless Charging for the iPhone

Early today we posted a patent that Apple has filed regarding inductive …


Creepy, Handy iPhone Case

I admit that I have had my fair share of iPhone cases, …


Netflix Canada’s 1 Millionth Subscriber Wins Lifetime Membership

During Netflix’s most recent earnings report, they mentioned their Canadian division was …


Telus Offers ‘Promotional’ $30 6GB Data Plan Until September 30

The saying, “monkey see, monkey do” fits nicely with the carriers in …

vonage time to call

Vonage Time to Call App Brings International Pay Per Call via iTunes Billing

Vonage has launched a new VoIP app called Time to Call. This …


Apple’s Inductive Charging Patent Reveals Interesting Use of Earbuds

The WSJ previously released a report the next generation iPhone 5 would …

iphone 5_french carrier

[Update] Possible iPhone 5 Spy Photo Emerges

Update 1: Looks like Gizmodo sheds some more light on the ‘spy …

iphone 5 mockup 2

iPhone 5 and ‘Simplified iPhone 4′ Coming in October to China Telecom?

The latest iPhone rumours come from Ticonderoga Securities analyst Brian White, speaking …

deal flow

Deal Flow: The Easiest Way to Access Deals on Your iPhone

If you’re an online shopping enthusiast, you’re going to enjoy the latest …

pwnie awards

Comex Wins 2011 Pwnie Award for ‘Best Client-Side Bug’, Geohot Wins Too

Update: Geohot also won an award for ‘Best Song’, with his rap …


Gmail for Mobile Gets Retina Display Graphics, Pull to Refresh, and Transitions

Gmail for the web has just received a slight refresh this afternoon, …