Coast Capital Savings Launches Apple Pay for Debit and Credit [u]

Coast Capital Savings has launched Apple Pay for debit and credit card users, making it the first credit union in Canada (more…)

Reuters Poll: Approximately 40% of U.S. iPhone Owners are Interested in Apple Watch

Approximately 40 percent of iPhone owners in the United States are interesting in purchasing the Apple Watch.


‘Modern Combat 5: Blackout’ Goes from $5 to Freemium in Latest Update

Modern Combat 5 from Gameloft is now free to play.


How Apple Retail Stores Will Handle Hands-On Apple Watch Appointments

Apple starts another round of Apple Watch training as it prepares its retail staff for the try-on period and pre-order period, which begins on April 10.


TELUS Cell Towers Cause Concern for Residents in Vancouver’s West End

New cell towers installed by TELUS in Vancouver’s West End has some residents concerned about their safety.

11 Refurbs: 4th and 5th Gen iPod touch Restocked Starting at $169

If you’re on the hunt for an old iPod touch, Apple’s refurbished store has some 4th and 5th gen units in stock again.


Is Apple Making Refund Claims as Hard as Possible?

Jonathan Zdziarski has shared his recent experience in claiming a refund from Apple.


Apple is Exploring the Augmented Reality Space, Claims Analyst

Gene Munster believes augmented reality could be Apple’s next big thing.


Apple Helping Nike Transform into a Tech Company [VIDEO]

The world’s largest sports gear manufacturer is gradually morphing into a tech company.


Apple Pulls ‘The Whole Pantry’ Watch App from the App Store

Healthy eating app ‘The Whole Pantry’ has been removed from the App Store and its featured Apple Watch apps page.


Apple Says iOS 8 Adoption Rates Have Reached 77% of Devices

iOS 8 adoption is slowly approaching 80% of users based on App Store usage.


Hardware Device ‘IP Box’ Breaks iPhone Passcodes Using Brute Force [VIDEO]

IP-Box brute forces every possible PIN combination.


Bell to Help Connect Remote Areas of Cape Breton with Wireless Service

Remote areas of Cape Breton will soon get wireless service from Bell.