Apple Announces 9.7″ iPad Starting at $449 in Canada, Preorders March 24

Looks like the rumours about Apple releasing new products this week came true. The company released a new 9.7-inch iPad today (more…)

Apple Pay Loyalty Program Rumored to Launch This Year

Apple will allegedly launch an Apple Pay loyalty program this year.


How to Send and Receive Text Messages in OS X Yosemite [Tutorial]

Here’s a quick guide on setting up text message forwarding in OS X Yosemite.


Retro NES and Gameboy Cases for iPhone 6/6 Plus on Sale for $14, Shipped Free [Deals]

If you haven’t found a case for your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus yet, check out these cool retro cases from Rocket Cases.


Apple Pay Limited to US Credit Cards, but Works Internationally [VIDEO]

Apple Pay works in Canada, and here is how.


Spotlight Suggestions Don’t Collect Exact Location Information: Apple

Apple says it won’t collect your IP address and won’t collect your location when using Spotlight Suggestions.


All New Boxer 5.0 Email App for iOS is Here, And It’s Better Than Ever [50% Off]

Boxer 5.0 has been redesigned from the ground up, and is optimized for iOS 8, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.


How to Setup Apple Pay in Canada to Use in the USA [PICS]

Here’s how you can setup Apple Pay in Canada if you have a participating US credit or debit card.


Microsoft Plans to Launch a Smartwatch in Time For This Holiday Season

Microsoft is ready to launch its wearable device within the coming weeks.


Apple’s Q4 2014: 39.27 Million iPhones Sold, $42.1 Billion in Revenue

Apple sold 39 million iPhones during the past three months.


Retina iMac 64-bit Performance Benchmarks [Geekbench]

Primate Labs has just published and compared the new Retina iMac 64-bit performance benchmarks with non-Retina iMacs.


iStat Mini Notification Center Widget Hits the Mac App Store

If you’re a fan of iStat, their new mini widget has hit the Mac App Store.


Here’s a Preview of How Apple Pay Setup Works

Find out how to carry out the initial setup for Apple Pay through Passbook.