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WWDC 2016 Keynote Roundup: What You Need to Know

Apple announced today new versions of tvOS, watchOS, iOS and macOS (more…)


Watch Tim Cook’s Full ABC Interview on NSA Surveillance, 30 Years of Mac

Watch ABC’s interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook.


Apple Celebrates 30th Mac Anniversary With Performance From OneRepublic

Apple employees treated to a performance by OneRepublic to celebrate the Mac’s 30th birthday.


Study: Canadian Seniors Lack Smartphones But Those with Tablets Have iPads

Some Canadian seniors cannot imagine life with a smartphone saying they are too expensive and hard to use.


WSJ: Apple Planning iTunes Account-based Mobile Payment Service

According to the WSJ, Apple has made steps towards creating a mobile payment service.


Photo Editor By Aviary: 10 Billion Photos Edited

Photo Editor by Aviary has been used to edit 10 billion photos.

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iTunes Radio Actually Playing Music in Canada for Some Users

Some users in Canada have been able to play music with iTunes Radio.

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Canada’s Wireless Industry is Ready to Implement Text With 9-1-1

Canada’s wireless industry is set to start rolling out Text with 9-1-1.

13 inch haswell retina macbook pro.png Refurbs: Haswell 13″ Retina MacBook Pro from Oct. 2013 in Stock

Apple’s latest 13.3-inch Retina MacBook Pro is now available in the refurb store.


Apple’s Free App of the Week: Disney’s ‘Where’s My Mickey?’

Disney fans, get your free download from Apple this week, which is ‘Where’s My Mickey?’.

2 e-commerce security.png Gets Perfect Score in Safeguarding Your Password Says Study goes the extra mile in protecting your password, study finds.

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Rogers Warns Relaxed Foreign Investment Rules Would Hurt Canada

Rogers is changing the tune: foreign investment could make Canada a “branch plant” they say.

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NHL and Rovio Introduce the ‘NHL HockeyBird’ Official Mascot [PIC]

Rovio and the NHL have introduced a new mascot called the NHL HockeyBird.