Tangerine Adds Debit Card Support for Apple Pay

Tangerine this morning has launched client card support for Apple Pay (more…)

Rogers Adds Deutsche Telekom Executive to Lead Consumer Business Unit

Rogers has added another executive to its team, this time recruiting from overseas.


Samsung CEO: We Want to Work with BlackBerry, Not Acquire Them

Samsung’s mobile chief has reiterated the company has no interest in buying BlackBerry.


Upcoming Google Calendar iOS App Leaked in New Screenshots [PICS]

Google is set to release another iOS app, this time Google Calendar for iOS.


Snowden Leaks Reveal How Governments Tracked Your iPhone

Documents leaked by Edward Snowden reveal how the government used UDID to track targeted iPhones.


Apple US Homepage Redesigned to Honour Martin Luther King Jr.

Apple redesigned its US homepage to honour the memory of Martin Luther King Jr.


Sketchy Rumour Claims Apple Watch Launch in Late February

The Apple Watch could launch on February 24, sketchy rumour claims.


Check This Out: Hands-On with the ‘Original’ Apple Watch from 1995 [VIDEO]

Think the real Apple Watch is coming out in 2015? Well here’s a throwback for ya…


KGI: Apple Likely to Launch Simple Stylus Alongside 12.9-inch ‘iPad Pro’

Apple will likely launch a hardware stylus to enhance the user experience of its long-rumoured 12.9-inch “iPad Pro.”


Avalanche Canada Introduces New Crowd-Sourced Tool For Public Safety

Avalanche Canada announced a new tool called the Mountain Information Network which offers crowd-sourced observations for public avalanche safety.


Facebook Testing Google-Voice Style Transcriptions in Messenger

Facebook is taking the voice messaging feature one step further with Google Voice-style transcriptions.


Last Chance: Mammoth Interactive iOS & Swift Bootcamp, On Sale for 96% Off [Deals]

If you’re looking to dive into iOS development and Swift, save time by jumping on this bootcamp.


Target Employees: ‘Wirkn’ iPhone App Guarantees Replacement Job in 90 Days

Toronto startup Wirkn has started a new job replacement campaign for Target Canada employees.