App Review: AirVideo – Stream Your Entire Video Library to Your iPhone/iPad


If you’re like me and have a whole heap of videos on your Mac/PC at home (legally purchased of course), then converting them into iPhone friendly .m4v files, organizing them in iTunes, and then USB syncing it to your phone (provided you have enough space) can be a rather cumbersome task.

The AirVideo app will be the best $3 you will spend. Seriously, I’ve been using this app for a few days now and it’s totally changed they way I watch video on my iPhone. All you need is to install a small, free server application from In Method’s website and AirVideo will make all your files available to watch – and it will even convert any unplayable files in real-time while streaming to your iPhone.

The best part is, you are able to do this not only over Wifi but also 3G (in experimental mode). I’ve managed to play 1080p .mkv files with Live Conversion, streaming to me over 3G quite well without lag. This truly is an excellent app, and may be a preview on how iTunes could be one day.

..and wait till you use this on the iPad.


  • Dale

    Had this app for a while now. Used it, when I went back east, to watch my recorded TV shows- worked extremely well with 'on the fly conversion.' (and 3g no less). Interesting that when I try a remote conversion, the sound (not sure- might be aac or wma) did not convert, but now matter. Also, some WIFI hotspots seem to have a dislike for for this app, just a heads up. Still, after Midomi Soundhorn, this is easily the best app I own.

  • rorypiper

    Yes. Awesome app. We reviewed this last November, as well. It's like having unlimited storage on your iPhone!

  • johnkneematrix

    Very cool app! Using it over WiFi on a local network with no slowdown on both video/audio. When fast forwarding/rewinding anywhere throughout the video, I experienced only a second or two in delay. Next test will be over 3G connection.

    Test Movie: Driven (disclaimer: own the original DVD)
    Converted to MPEG-4, resolution 480×320, 30 fps, video bitrate 1000kbps, audio bitrate 160kbps @ 44100Hz, file size just under 1GB.

  • djepsilon

    Great app, but it should come with a big asterisk. Getting it setup to stream over wifi is a pain in the @$$ if you don't have the right router or if you don't know how to configure your router manually like me! I think it also has to do with you ISP (mine is Shaw) and whether they assign you a public IP address… whatever that means, lol.

  • Kickass app, thanks for the heads up! Was very tired of converting videos for my iPod.

  • Kickass app, thanks for the heads up! Was very tired of converting videos for my iPod.