My Top 3 Must-Have Jailbreak Tweaks


The jailbreak tweaks I most often use are Activator, SBSettings, and Infinidock.


Activator allows iPhone/iPod Touch users to activate an app or a setting by simply pressing a button or doing a finger gesture on the screen. For example you can have the Phone app launch by holding down the volume up or down key for a few seconds. What I have set up is swipe right on the status bar activates SBSettings which I will talk about later; swipe left activates the biteSMS compose window which I talked about last week and sliding down activates LockInfo.


The new version of SBSettings allow menus which means one gesture can activate multiple actions simply by stating what options you want in the menu. What I have set up is holding down the “volume down” activates a menu with the choices of LockInfo, biteSMS and SBSettings. The reason for this is because many apps are in full screen and the status bar does not show up.



SBSettings allows quick access to your most used settings such as turn on/off WiFi, 3G, Data, Airplane Mode, Vibrate, Location, Push Notification, Brightness, etc. There are many more add-on’s that can be downloaded from Cydia but the ones I talked about above are the ones I use most often.


Ever wish that you can put more icons on your dock? Well you can with Infinidock. This is perfect if you have more than 4 apps you use very often. You simply drag your icons to the dock and you can access dock icons simply by swiping left and right. There are also options to fit 5 icons on the dock but I personally think 4 looks better since it matches the springboard 4×4 grid.

Let us know what awesome jailbreak tweaks you use or how you have your SBSettings and Activator set up!


  •  I’m also partial to:
    AptBackup – Backup info for installed Cydia packages with your regular device backupCyDelete – Delete Cydia packages from the springboard just like normal appsInfinifolders – Unlimited apps in a folderFive Icon Folder – Five app icons per folder rowFive Icon Switcher – Five icons in the app switcherIconoclasm – Custom springboard icon layoutsiBlank – Create invisible app icons; great for further springboard customizationLock Seconds – Add seconds to your lock screen’s clockMobileNotifier – Better notification system; add the  repo to download itPowerUp – Holding the power button gives you Power Off, Reboot, and Respring optionsPull to Refresh for Mail – Pull down your mail screen to refresh; should be standard in iOSWinterboard – Must have for customizationPlus the many, many, little Winterboard tweaks that I absolutely love.

  • Drocass

    No love for bitesms or irealsms?
    Those are the primary reason that twists my arm to jailbreak in the first place. That and ToneFXs an lockinfo

  • Alex

    Really? I’d never heard of these apps! I’ll go download them now, thanks for the advice! /sarcasm

    What would be interesting would be if you did something like “5 amazing jailbroken apps you’ve never heard of.”

    Do you not realized how many thousands of articles there are on top (insert number) jailbroken apps? And you jus picked the top 3 that everyone’s already hear of!


  • Edge

    Ya, it’s all about opinion.  I’ve heard of these before of course, and not all make it into my top three.  In fact, I really only use SBSettings from this list.  It’s a personal thing, but there are other way more important jailbreak tweaks for me!

  •  Hey, what is the name of the theme you have on sbsettings? I like it!

  •  Hi! What is the name of the theme you have on SBSETTINGS in the pic above?  I like it.  I use Apple Congruency.  This one looks a tad cleaner

  • Wipdeedoo2

    You should know by now that nobody comes to this blog for interesting and well written articles. More just a rehashing of what has already been said and done. Also, there is no room for criticism here. Gary’s panties get all knotted and he’ll kick you off.

  • Wipdeedoo2

    You should know by now that nobody comes to this blog for interesting and well written articles. More just a rehashing of what has already been said and done. Also, there is no room for criticism here. Gary’s panties get all knotted and he’ll kick you off.

  • Ramsdaro

    What is you sbsettings theme I like that

  • Ramsdaro

    I agree with Alex. I really liked the top lists when I first jailbroke my device to get the good ones, but there are so many other cydia apps that I now like the lists of “good apps you havent heard of”
    That being said I have made a small list of some not so popular apps.
    idemonoid – ability to download torrents on a remote computer.
    everyair – using wifi gives the appility to remotely fully control computer, replicates the screen.
    Appsize – name says it all, I was running out of space and wanted to know the size of some apps right away, handy when not near computer
    Cytact – adds pics to apple contact list
    Display out – mirrors the iphone on a computer (cable is needed)
    FBphotosave – Save facebook photos
    Weathericon – displays current weather temperature of your default location on the icon
    and my favourite – not sure if there are other ones, but this one is perfect for me. It will read your text message out loud. The senders name then the message.
    Works via bluetooth, and for me the real cool feature is it works with “Ford Sync” when using usb connector to play iPod. So when im dirving it will read my
    messages out loud. So i can find out the moment i get it whether a baseball game has been cancelled so i dont have to drive all the way there, then check phone
    and realise its cancelled
    Feel free to list any apps you think others may not know about.

  • Matt

    As for iblank. I would suggest using gridlock instead since you don’t have to create blank icons. You just move the app where you want it to go and it will just stay there.

  • Nick

    Bitesms – so much better than default SMS app
    Iblacklist – filter your calls, even make a scedule for people who call too early in the morning
    My3G – still nice to FaceTime over 3G
    IStreamnet – lots of full seasons of tv shows. A bit of buffeting time but not too bad
    Pkgbackup – I had some trouble with apt backup restoring my jb apps and hiding all my iTunes apps before, this one seems to work better and syncs with dropbox

  • Anonymous

    Here are a few of my favorite tweaks:
    Auto Location – so you don’t have to have it on all the time and only opens Auto-Location when a specific app/s needs it otherwise it’s default mode is “Off” (saves battery)
    Backgrounder – better than Apple’s Multitasking
    EZDecline – better alternative to “Slide to Answer”
    FreeSync – ability to continue to use phone while it’s syncing with iTunes via USB cable of course
    iAnnounce – announces who’s calling instead of a ringtone by using iphone’s Voice Control in reverese
    Infiniboard/Infinidock/Infinifolders – kind of self explanatory
    Recent/CallLog Delete – ability to delete individual calls
    Speed Intensifier – like super charging your iphone’s response time
    Springtomize – all-in-one Springboard customizer/tweaker
    Tru-Print – enables iOS printing to most network printers
    xBackup – backup info for installed Cydia packages with your regular device backup (superior backup to AptBackup)
    AlertArtist – customize alert dialogs/text message notifications with colours & FX (fonts too!)

    P.S. most of these are paid apps BUT well worth the nominal amounts paid.

  • lello91

    Whats the name of your SB Settings theme??

  • Charles L

     its called iretina or iretina+, its basically the same thing except iretina+ lets you change the colors and transparency of your theme

  • Charles L

     I’ll keep that in mind for my future posts.  The thing is that if its so amazing you’ve probably heard of it.  But I’ll try my best to find some hidden gems on cydia

  • paratroopa

     Hmm I already have the most up to date version of SBSettings, but I can’t seem to find that quicklist thing that was shown in the pic… =( is it something i have to add first?

  • Ahsanpcc Its a very cool iphone application. its for Yoga. I m using it. its awesome. thought to share with u people.

  • Benmastel

    Did you ever find out how to get this? I want it :(