Top 5 Jailbreak Tweaks for the iPhone 4S in Cydia [Video]

Jailbreaking opens your iOS devices to a lot of different tweaks and customization. And with so many options in Cydia, it can be tough to go through them all.

I’ve put together a list of the Top 5 Jailbreak tweaks I’ve made to my iPhone 4S. By no means are these the definitive best five, but they are the ones I’m getting a lot of use out of right now, and ones I think add more functionality to the iPhone 4S.

I should point out, only one of the tweaks is limited to the iPhone 4S, and that’s because it’s a change to Siri. So the others can likely be used on your other iOS devices. Just make sure to check the descriptions within Cydia.

Here is my list:

  • SBSettings (free)
  • AnyLockApp (free)
  • Infinidock + Cascade (both are $0.99)
  • Zephyr ($2.99)
  • VoiceUtils (free)

Other Jailbreak tweaks members of iPhoneinCanada are using.

  • Winterboard (free)
  • iFile ($4.00)
  • PkgBackup ($7.99)
  • Cyntact ($1.00)
  • xMessages (free)
  • My3G ($3.99)
  • BiteSMS (free)
  • CyDelete (free)
  • SiriToggles (free)
So please feel free to let me know which tweaks you think are the best.
  • Anonymous

    How about a description of what these specific tweaks do?

  • Did you watch the video?

  • Bryan

    Mine right now would have to be (in no particular order)

    -springtomize 2
    -call bar
    -app locker

  • Anonymous

    Yes I did. A brief description would have helped. Something that can be easily referenced without having to watch a video would have been nice. Personally, it’s easier to scan an article then watch a video while on the go. I also use an rss reader to keep up. I love this blog. I’m not trying to be overly critical either.

  • We’ll keep that in mind for the future, thanks

  • Kraken

    I can’t believe LockInfo isn’t on there.   Everyone I know who is Jailbroken has it.

  • W3STC04ST

    Intelliscreenx   pwns lockinfo with ios5.
    But if you are still on ios4 then go with lockinfo.

  • Kraken

    Only when it comes to social media content.  LockInfo is vastly superior when it comes to complete customization.  I also think LockInfo’s mail, calender, etc. previews look way better than ISX.

  • Djelimin17

    My opinion of course

    The best: InelliscreenX

    It’s an aggregator for email, SMS, twitter, Facebook, google news feeds, has a set of toggles and integrates sbsettings toggles all in notification center. Costs $10 tho

  • Wuju007

    what was the software than can remove all unwanted opened apps in one go?

  • Wuju007

    For some reason, I can’t get the sbsettings in the notification screen. How?

  • Wuju007

    question about VoiceUtils, does it still need to hit the Siri server to do local stuff like turn on/off wifi, launch app, etc.?

  • Wuju007

     Found it. Remove Background 🙂

  • Wuju007

     Remove Background is buggy, it seems to always crash the springboard. Removing it now. Hope it gets fixed to work with the latest iOS. 🙁

  • Definingsound

    I jailbreaked (jailbroke?) my original 3G when essential features (tether) were not available in iOS. Since then the need to jailbreak has really decreased substantially as Apple has integrated the best 3rd party/jailbreak features into iOS (notification centre, app on lock screen).
    As jailbreaking is the driving force behind iOS improvements, I stand behind ‘breaking as soon as the warranty expires. My choices are:
      StayOpened (keeps the app store open after choosing to install an app; rather than dropping out to springboard)
      AppStore Update Size (shows the size of update packages in the app store)
      MultiIconMover (allows multiple app icons to be moved simultaneously)
      Icon Renamer (because some developers LOVE their chosen app name, even when it’s too long for springboard like GO Tra…obile)
      BackForwardEnhancer (hold Safari back button and get a list of recent pages)
      App Stat (tracks exactly how many times you run every app)

  • Turn it on in Notification Center via Settings on the iPhone.

  • Anonymous

     ANYLOCKAPP?!?! ZOMG downloading now!

    Also voiceutils!

  • Anonymous

    In your Settings app go to Notifications, and scroll all the way to the bottom. Select SBSettings and set Notification Center to ON. Then back out of that and hit the Edit button (top right corner of your screen), and drag it up into the “In Notification Center” section and put it wherever you want. Mine, personally, is right at the top of my Notification Center.

    Also, in the SBSettings Settings, I’d suggest turning off the DropDown window (you’ll be using the Notif Center anyway) and choosing “Separate List” for the iOS 5+ Notification, that way you can manage the Notif Center apps separately.

    I also have under Activation methods (apart from the default) that Double Tap Clock in the Lock Screen triggers the standard SBSettings window.

    Hope this helps!!

  • Anonymous

     What does each do?

  • Anonymous

    Noted to try these out later. 😀

  • Definingsound

    I just googled them by name rather than watching the vid.

  • Definingsound

    @DjDATZ great instructions thx

  • Anonymous

    Glad I could help! 😀

  • Wuju007

    Thank you for you help. Great tips. Thanks again.

  • Dale

    After a Jailbreak, is it still possible to backup the data and restore data like the standard build with iTunes ?
    I have a lot of app data on my phones for existing iTune Store apps that I can not afford to lose and require backing up regularly.
    Also, if a new version of Jailbreak comes out will the restore method work if it was backed up with a previous Jailbreak version?
    I think they additions to the 4S are awesome and would like to go with it.

  • Anonymous

     Np! 😀

  • AGgg

    Agreed. What does each do? How about s link to each. Otherwise, somewhat worthless page.