Angry Birds Seasons Now in the App Store

The team at Rovio continues to ride the wave of success known as Angry Birds. We’ve seen a version for Halloween and now we have one for the holidays (to also go along with plush toys and versions for other game platforms). Angry Birds Seasons is now available in the App Store. According to existing Angry Birds Halloween owners, this downloads as an update.

This new version features the following:


Angry Birds Seasons should definitely be on your App Store stocking list. The Rovio team has continued to stick with their effective $0.99 model for each new version of Angry Birds. Let the fun begin!

Screenshots below:

Click here to download Angry Birds Seasons. Now excuse me while I go destroy some pigs!

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  • Doug

    My Halloween version today had an update that changed the icon, and added the new seasons to the Halloween levels. Looks like it was a free update to get the new levels if you have already purchased the Halloween version.

  • Doug

    I should have mentioned it was for the HD version in my earlier post. (won’t let me reply to my own post, for some reason it says my email address is invalid lol)

  • Derka181

    It is free if u own the pevious one. It says .99 cents but when u download it, it say”free” yee Haa. Thanks for the gift Moxie

  • Anonymous

    Plan to play once a day, just like a Christmas calendar.

  • Anonymous

    Plan to play once a day, just like a Christmas calendar.

  • SilverSurfer

    Did anybody notice the Halloween version is now missing from the app store. Now my ques is if I buy the Angry Birds seasons, will I get the Halloween levels too.

  • Anonymous

    Haloween one has been replaced with this version.

  • Anonymous

    It would seem that if you bought Angry Birds Halloween then all you have to do is your updates on your device in th Apps store and you get Angry Birds Seasons, on both the iPhone and the iPad’s HD version. Nice job Rovio. Too bad I didn’t finish Halloween. Oh well, this one should be fun, especially since it’s a whole new game and it’s free for me!

  • Tironnahoser

    excaliburca is right..looks like two levels available today and the rest are time-locked leading up to Christmas. Tricky bunch @ Rovio. A gift a day! Sweet.

  • sucks cause i bought the regular version 🙁 now mine won’t update every season!!!!

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