App Review: GolfCard for iPhone


Attention Golfers! I have the ultimate Golf app for you. If you Golf casually or seriously, GolfCard for iPhone is your ultimate golfing companion.

GolfCard by Senygma Inc.

GolfCard is an extremely detailed all-in-one application that includes a ton of features and options that are useful during play. The app can even assist you in improving your overall game.

GolfCard includes over 25,000 golf courses worldwide, which is wonderful but I wanted to see if the app could find courses near me. Well, the app did not disappoint as it located every single available course near me and even so far as to locate the smaller Pitch ‘n’ Putt courses. However a feature that stood out for me is the ability to add your own courses if for example there is one nearby that is being developed.

The app also brings scoring to the iPhone. You can say good-bye to paper and those tiny pencils and begin scoring in style. It may not sound like much, but people provide some pretty amusing faces when they see you are taking score on an iPhone. You may have any number of players recorded per round and can record all of the typical items that you would normally record plus a lot more. I will list some of the items below:

  • Strokes
  • Putts
  • Chips
  • Sand shots
  • Penalties
  • Fairway hits
  • Tee off club
  • Tee off distance
  • First putt distance

The app also automatically calculates the Green in Regulation, sand saves and up-and-down. What is beneficial here is that if you can record all of these statistics, over time, this can improve your game. The app even goes so far as to provide statistics per round, per course and calculate your handicap index based on previous rounds.

GolfCard also introduces a Range Finder, which is my favorite feature. The Range Finder includes a ton of functionality. It provides you with up to 10 markers per hole, satellite viewing modes of the tee, fairway and green, pinching/zooming finger gestures and using your finger to see distances to any point from your current location. That last feature is particularly useful if you have difficulty choosing which iron to use for a certain shot.

GolfCard also includes useful course area information such as directions with Google maps and address and contact numbers for the courses.

Overall GolfCard provides a very large feature list with many options within each. The app has extremely detailed course information and allows you to record your own statistics during the game, as well as calculating some for you. The only downside is the app can overwhelm casual players with the amount of functions and information included.

GolfCard is scored a 4.5 out of 5.

You can check out GolfCard in the iTunes App Store for $7.99.

You can also try the Lite version without the Range Finder and only storage of two rounds, in the iTunes App Store for $0.99.

GolfCard Giveaway

Well golfers, I am going to giveaway two (2) copies of GolfCard today! To win, just comment below on the following:

1.) What is one thing that GolfCard could do for you during your game?


Winners are chosen at random; Contest ends August 13, 2009 at 11:59PM PST


  • Dusty

    Looks worth a try for you golfers out there!

  • charbel

    It will help me get on my friends nerves while using this app during a game.

  • victoriabc

    This app looks terrific! I am analytical so this app will assist me in my never-ending quest for statistics. I will be able to eliminate my paper score card and the various notations I make (using different symbols for fairways, greens, putts, sand shots, etc.). on each hole. This app will surely contribute to my practice regime by identifying areas to improve. Looks like a lot of fun!

  • A really neat way to help me focus on my game and, well…get my friends distracted!

  • BrendanB

    GolfCard could make for a more competitive round when I am out with my buddies and we get a little skins game going…

  • Djsikora

    It would nice to compare this app to my friends which have bought these $300.00 gps range finders to help there game

  • Dave

    Maybe this will make it look like I know what I'm doing on the golf course hahaha

  • Shadowdragon

    I have been trying to get my wife into golf for some time now. With this app it will help us understand the game better and to improve over time. When I can show my wife exactly where we are, we can discuss what would be the best approach. It is nice to see an app fully developed for this game.

  • jalby96

    In my case, it sure would help a lot with the greens in regulations, the sans saves and also the penalties.

    Keep up the good work guys !!!

  • Dan

    top down view of courses I don't know will be awesome!

  • bringer666

    1.) What is one thing that GolfCard could do for you during your game?

    This kind of app could easily make me a better golfer. Being able to analyze my shots and see where I need the most improvement would greatly help my scores. Sounds like an excellent app.

  • Ian

    It will help me see how badly and which direction I usually slice the ball :S

  • Stef

    Nice review! The one feature for me would be Range Finder. I would so enjoy getting help choosing the right irons since I am no Tiger Woods!

  • Jason

    I don't know that any thing could help my game but I would give it a ry!

  • rorypiper

    I have no interest in golf, but that looks like a pretty amazing app for you golfers out there. I wonder if there's an app that will show me where all the skate parks are? Gonna look into that…

  • tbutch

    It could help me keep the damn ball in the fairway but since the app is not a miracle worker …. I'd settle for it just keeping track of # of putts in a round. Sounds awesome!!

  • William

    I am terrible in keeping score…especially when I keep hitting out of bound. This app will definitely help !!!

  • desmondliao

    Oh sure, but can it find the bathroom or beer wagon?

  • e_wee

    It could help me pick the right club for the shot the next time I'm on the course. In turn, it would hopefully save me money by allowing me to win more beers against my buddy each time we play.

  • I've been using GolfCard for a while now, and it is an amazing app! It has helped me analyze my strokes and I've broken 100 three times now! Definitely worth the price if you don't win it here for free 🙂

  • stevecbg

    I'm the worst golfer maybe I could secretly improve my game with out friends knowing haha

  • davec

    stats feature will be really useful…

  • wski

    It will in crease my GQ (Geek Quotient) on the links.

  • NolanB

    I absolutely need this App! I'm terrible at keeping track of FIR and GIR on those tiny little scorecards, plus I love playing new courses, but often the layout of the hole isn't displayed at the teebox. Is it a dog left or right?! This app would really give me a leg up on my golfing buddies, not to mention the general “wow” factor of keeping score on my iPhone.

  • Dom79

    The range finder feature will help a lot! It's a great prize to win.

  • ryanottawa

    Should be a nice way to track my improvements over the season(s)

  • mtmacphee

    No more will I have to ask “is that the 150 yard marker?”

  • Stevooooooo

    Hopefully it can keep track of the endless press bets we put on the game.

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    – BrendanB

    – Stef

    Congrats! You have been emailed!

  • vman1964

    I would use the Range finder all the time. This is the way things are going.

  • Claude Johns

    Golfcard would take the guess work out of the proper club selection. I don't know about you but a ten yard difference in my perceived yardage and the actual yardage is the difference between having a makable put and a chip. In other words the difference in a birdie or par.

  • Claude Johns

    Golfcard would take the guess work out of the proper club selection. I don't know about you but a ten yard difference in my perceived yardage and the actual yardage is the difference between having a makable put and a chip. In other words the difference in a birdie or par.