Apple Store App Updated with In-Store Mode, Mac Ordering Options [US Only]


Apple retail stores were updated today in Canada and around the world with new Smart Signs. In addition to this, Apple has updated their Apple Store app, with a new in-store mode and custom Mac ordering option. BUT, once again, the app is not available in Canada. What gives, Apple?! The Apple Store app is going live in International Stores, but as of right now it’s not available in Canadian iTunes. We’ll keep you update to see if we get included this time around!

What’s New in Version 1.3
– Enhanced in-store mode lets you get help and support quickly when you’re at an Apple Retail Store.
– The ability to custom-configure a new Mac with the options you want.

The most notable feature of this update is the new ‘enhanced in-store mode’ that will work like magic when you use the app inside Apple Retail Stores. Also, you can now custom-configure a new Mac and order it right from your phone.

How to Download the Apple Store App in Canada

1. Create a US iTunes account using this free method or a Vanilla MasterCard gift card.
2. Search for ‘Apple Store‘ in US iTunes, and download.

The Apple Store app needs to come to Canada–considering we HAVE Apple Retail stores! I’ve used it many times to make Genius Bar reservations and get relevant store info. I’m utterly baffled and confused as to why we are left out, but then again it is an inherent part of being Canadian to wait for the latest things.

Are you using the Apple Store app?


  • Anonymous

     According to other blogs it just debuted in a number of European countries with this update, so fingers crossed!

  • Yup, I’d love for this to hit the Canadian App Store!

  • Craig

    Will we ever be able to custom order a Mac INTO a store??
    I find it ridiculous that I can’t either:
    A) Order a cutom Mac in to a retail store to go pick it up.
    B) Specify a delivery date/time frame.

    This is actually what stopped me from getting a MacBook Pro when they were released earlier this year…
    My schedule is all over the place and really would need one of the above options.

    Just my 2 cents.

  • Beavisaur

    i just made a genius bar appointment through apple’s website.  My confirmation email had a link that says “P.S. It’s now even easier to make an apple store reservation with the apple store app for iphone and ipod touch.
    Download the apple store app now”
    and of course it doesn’t work. 
    Way to go Apple.