Apple TV Will Support Netflix in Canada


With yesterday’s announcement of Netflix Canada, there were some questions about integration with the latest Apple TV. The Netflix Canada website makes no mention of support for Apple TV. However, has recently been updated to include mention of Netflix on the Apple TV portion of the website.

Check out the images below from

If it’s on Apple’s website then you know it’s coming. Did you pre-order Apple TV?

Thanks to Mr. Speedy for the heads up!

[Apple Canada]


  • Use I pre-ordered my Apple TV… but I don’t know yet if I will get a Netflix account if there is no French films/tv shows…

  • Rylee K Stonehouse

    I would have but with no 99c tv show rentals in Canada I figured I might as well keep playing rentals and stuff through my iPad/iPhone with my hd video cable.

  • brn

    Will it also be available on older gen Apple TVs?

  • giantjoe

    Please let us get a software update for the previous appleTV… Netflix is great so far!

  • i watched the iPod event on Sep.1st They showed the new Apple TV, put it in to action. While steve jobs was demoing the model live there was a netflix option near the itunes Rental store. he even mentions people with netflix accounts will be able to take advantage of Apple TV. he didnt specifically say anything about Canadians, but im sure it means ALL netflix accounts being its now in Canada

  • Guest

    Is Netflix streaming in HD?

  • I used netflix “Browse our selection” search bar to search for simple movies from 2007 – 2009. 4 out of 5 were not available. I think i will wait until they build up the Canadian section.

    I searched: 41 year old virgin, Blood Diamond, The Run down, Eddie Izzard, Super Bad, Family Guy, Simpsons, Futureama, Jeff Dunham.

    only thing they had were Super bad and one of the two movies Juff Dunham has. Thats a really bad selection in my books lol. But i do understand its bran new here in Canada, so i will give it a fair chance and sit tight a couple more months before signing up for my free trial.

  • badolina

    Will an Apple TV bought in the US stream Netflix in Canada? I wonder…

  • doctor

    agree with you Tom…the content sucks large!! the 2 most annoying parts with netflix in canada is it doesn’t work with TIVO, and you can search for movies, find them, then be disappointed because you can’t view them….like anyone of the Simpsons season disks, all of which i can get from zip (mind you just via post). oh well, i’ll cancel my membership after the free month if it doesn’t improve asap

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  • Very insightful.

  • Tresyk

    I spoke to Netflix about the horrible selection. The support guy said they know it’s terrible now, but Canada’s different copyright laws mean writing up new contracts for thousands of movies, which they are doing as fast as they can. Meanwhile they wanted to establish a presence in the Canadian market, however suboptimal, while growing the library. They didn’t crush Blockbuster by providing lousy selection. I’m sure they will eventually offer Canada the same catalogue they do in the State.s

  • Thanks for the update. I was pretty sure they would get more with
    time, but confirmation is always nice. Thanks bud ^_~.

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