Bell Mobile Live TV iPhone App Released!


Have you been watching the Olympics? CTV has some amazing high definition feeds online that will let you watch all the action live. Want to watch some live TV on your iPhone? Bell customers can now do that with the Bell Mobile TV iPhone app.

This app was released yesterday and only works exclusively for iPhone users on the Bell network (Rogers/Fido/Telus iPhone users shut out! noo!). Here’s a brief description of the app:

Watch Live TV* on the best 3G Network in Canada.

– Live NHL® Games
– 2010 Vancouver Winter games (Feb 12th to Feb 28th)
– Treehouse
– Much Music
– CBC Newsworld
– and more

* For further information, call Bell Mobility Customer Support at 1-800-667-0123 from your phone.

The app requires a 3G connection in order to determine if you’re a Bell customer. So for iPod Touch users, you will be shut out of this app. This app is free, which is great. Here are some screenshots:

You can tell here from this screenshot that 3G connectivity does not bring the best quality video:

If you’re a Bell customer, let us know how this app works for you! First the Bell PVR TV Remote iPhone app, now this. You guys are lucky. 🙂

Click here to download the Bell Mobile TV app.


  • gtasscarlo

    why cant rogers make apps like th is

  • DEe

    I'm not wasting my data on this. Works as it should, but wifi should be an option. Now give me a minute tracker app Bell!

  • darek

    I have slingplayer for iPhone but it still pisses me off that I cannot get this since I am with Rogers. Why is that?

  • Funny that they don't allow it over Wi Fi – guess they don't want to waste their bandwidth sending it to you if they can't charge you for data overages..

  • darwing36

    this is actually really cool! Im enjoying it already! I have over 2 gigs of data and never even close I can stream this all day and still not hit my bandwidth.. yes prolly an option to use wifi is good but bell wants you to go over the bandwidth limit to charge you ..

    this app would have been perfect for me to watch the Canada vs Germany game last night… but ill be using it for almost every NHL game now


  • Welcome Dave Wireless

    Another reason why an am turning off my BELL home phone, they are NOT nice !

  • roadcarver

    Maybe Rogers is not offering it since it cannot sustain the live feed speed. Perhaps Bell's 3G traffic is not congested yet.

  • rorypiper

    No WiFi is a big fail, but I understand why they're doing that. Would be cool to have better quality, over WiFi, then use 3G Unrestrictor, to have that same quality over 3G.

  • Jorden Clarke

    Just called into bell, there are charges associated with this on your bill (probably why it wont work anywhere but 3G).
    $10 flat rate for Olympics
    $8 a month for NHL.

    Was told you automatically subscribe when you start viewing. Beware not as good of a deal as it seems. I know it's been deleted off my phone already.

  • Chris

    Why are so many people whining?
    1. DUH it's only for Bell customers. Cry to Rogers or Telus if you want a Live TV app. And Bell has exclusivity to Olympic and NHL coverage anyways. Anybody can download this app and watch the free review channel, which is TSN at the moment, and you can watch it on 3G or WiFi.
    2. People cried on AT&T because they were forced to watch TV over WiFi. Now, Canadians have the option to watch over 3G, and you blame the carrier for wanting to charge you data overages> People in the USA had to JAILBREAK their devices to force it over 3G. Bell only charges 3 cents per MB in overages, so an extra 100MB would cost you a whole $3!!
    3. The app will be improved. As a Bell customer for many years, I can easily say that they will absolutely push out future updates. They were slow on things in the past but they have certainly improved.

    Also, this app uses 30MB data every 10 minutes. Just so you can monitor your usage.

  • Speederd

    For people crying that it's a Bell only apps, have you seen some of the Rogers apps…680news, Sportsnet, they are Rogers only apps. I tried it and don't particular like it even though I have unlimited Data on my iPhone with Bell.

  • stuhFAN

    Something they fail to mention in the fine print! haha.

  • scotthe

    Sadly you cannot use TV out cables for this
    Was trying to get the Hockey game at work so people could watch it

    Only get sound – No Video

  • EdYYZ

    Well, I just called Bell, and the $10 charge for the Olympics or $8/month for NHL are only for non-iPhone users. According to the agent with whom I spoke, there is no charge for iPhone users (she called other people for clarification 3 times) — just your data use.

    If you are JB and think about it, there is in fact a way to watch over WiFi. I watched for 15 minutes this morning, running up *no* MB of 3G data.

  • Nice work done by Bell i personally like some feature of Bell Mobile TV iPhone app,Specially

    1.2010 Vancouver Winter games
    2.CBC Newsworld

    Thanks for Sharing

  • hugo

    Easy to use it over wifi

    1) Turn OFF wifi then a few secondes later, turn it ON again
    2) Quickly, open the app before your wifi is detected again
    3) The app will detect the 3g network and then just wait for the wifi to kick in again

  • EdYYZ

    This service has changed now that the Olympics are over. To access anything other than the Preview Channel, you now need to subscribe.

    NHL Unlimited is $8/month
    Media (TV Channels and some radio channels) is $8/month
    Radio (something like 70 radio channels) is $5/month

  • EdYYZ

    This service has changed now that the Olympics are over. To access anything other than the Preview Channel, you now need to subscribe.

    NHL Unlimited is $8/month
    Media (TV Channels and some radio channels) is $8/month
    Radio (something like 70 radio channels) is $5/month

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