Clarivue Ultra-Clear iPhone 5s/5c Review: Top Screen Protector Pick [VIDEO]


We’ve previously reviewed the Clarivue Ultra-Clear for iPhone 5, but we figured we’d show you how easy the install is on the iPhone 5s/5c. These screen protectors adhere using static and are our favourites as a top pick, compared to others we’ve used and reviewed in the past.

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All you have to do is ensure a dust-free environment, line up the protector and place it down on your iPhone 5s/5c. As you can see from the following video I quickly whipped up, installation on my iPhone 5c review unit was a snap:

The Ultra-Clear models are $14.99 for the front (two protectors inside), with a back option available for $5 more (coming soon for the iPhone 5s).

Other protectors include their Anti-Glare ($14.99), Privacy ($19.99), Mirror Screen ($15.99) and XT Glass ($19.99), to go along with some iPhone 5/5s/5c cases as well.

What are the benefits of these screen protectors? The protectors are so clear and unobtrusive sometimes you forget you even have a protector on. Clarivue also offers free standard shipping to Canada, the USA and International orders plus a lifetime replacement warranty (you pay $3 for shipping, plus have to ship back your old protectors). No more dealing with expensive US shipping options or duties. Plus, installation is a breeze (no more wet sprays) as it basically installs itself.

Also, as a bonus the company is Canadian, based in Richmond, British Columbia so you’re supporting local if that matters to you.

As for downsides? Fingerprints do appear but you can’t see them when the screen is on. Most screen protectors will attract fingerprints regardless. The cuts are fairly accurate so you do have to ensure you line the protector up accurately. If you mess up, you can just remove it and try again (but that increases the chances of dust getting on the screen) or just use the second protector.

These protectors have a minimalist look for those who use their phones naked. If you’re looking for thicker drop protection you might want to look elsewhere or buy a case. These are the ones I’m using right now and recommended to friends and family when I get asked which ones to buy. Haven’t experienced any ‘corner peeling’ since they’re so thin it doesn’t catch or latch onto things in your pocket.

Clarivue iphone5c

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  • holly

    I’d love to see a review of the anti-glare for the iPad, could you do that?

  • Jason Reid

    I ordered two for the iPhone 5S Gary Thanks!! Got the email today that apple is shipping the iPhones I Bought last week.

  • Hi Holly, I have tried the anti-glare on my iPhone 5 before. It works, but I found I preferred the Ultra-Clear as it was much ‘crisper’.

  • Awesome! Let us know how you like these protectors!

  • Jason Reid

    Well Gary, truthfully it sucked to put it on. By the time i was finally able to line it up to where I liked it there was too much dust underneath. I was charged USA $ for a Canadian company. I have to pay to return them(don’t mind) and there is a $3 restocking fee. All in all, not angry but i’ll wait for others to review a product before i jump on it. The best screen protector I’ve ever used was Phantom Skinz.

  • Hi Jason,

    That’s too bad I really like these. The install does require a quick application but once it’s on the protector is crystal clear. Email me and I’ll see what I can do.

  • holly

    Hi Gary, Issue for me is the glare. I currently use the iPad Mini for client work (to review photos) and am thinking of switching to the full size when the update arrives, but with the glare, it can be very difficult to properly see images on the screen. Hence, researching anti-glare films.

  • That makes sense. Have you tried other anti-glare films before? I guess it comes down to your tolerance. These ones should be fine. If they aren’t to your liking let me know.

  • Storm Russel

    protect your screen and get a GEARMAXX screen protector which sells on ebay for cheap but they’re high quality and durable!