Share: Offers iOS Users 50GB of Free Cloud Storage


We all know about DropBox for free online storage. But there are other companies out there offering the same service for free, and one of them is The company has announced they are offering a promotional free 50GB of storage to iOS users, for the next 50 days (it started yesterday and ends December 2nd):

This promotion starts at midnight tonight and runs for only 50 days, so get your free space in the cloud by following these steps:

1. Visit the app store and download the Box app for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch
2. Log in to your account or register for a new one directly from the app
3. Start sharing and collaborating in the cloud
4. (optional but recommended) Tell the world how you’ll use your 50 GB with the hashtag #Box50GB

On top of 50GB of free storage, accounts will receive an increased file size limit of 100MB instead of 25MB. has over 7 million users, and the app was recently updated to support iOS 5. That means the app supports AirPlay (for iPad 2 and iPhone 4S) to stream content to your Apple TV.

This is a sweet promotion, and I’m looking forward to testing out Jump on this now if you haven’t already!

Click here to download the iPhone app. Are you an existing user?

Thanks Szoze for the tip!


  • Looks like there is no desktop app though.. too bad, it won’t replace Dropbox for me …

  • Daniel

    And how much is this 50GB gonna be after December 2nd?

  • Anonymous

    The wording almost makes it seem like the 50 GB will be taken away after the promotion. That leaves a bad taste in my mouth because they’re just trying to bait users. Like mentioned, Dropbox has better integration in not only Windows, but many iOS apps. 1Password, iCab Mobile, PlainText, etc. all support Dropbox.

  • Anonymous

    From the iOS app page:

    > Size matters: Get a FREE 50 GB lifetime account for file storage and sharing through Dec. 2, 2011.

  • Anonymous

    It says “Get a FREE 50 GB lifetime account” which sort of implies you get to keep it forever.

  • Anonymous

    Can it replace iCloud? Apple already telling me my 5gb already almost full

  • Easterner

    You can’t delete anything and there is no Mac client!???

  • Anonymous

    There is a Google Chrome app for it.

  • Screemberry

    When I created my account, my limit was set to 5gb, so I cancelled it.  I’d like to know if others are in fact getting their 50gb and if so what did they do.

  • The app is for business accounts, which are 15$/user/month…

  • Ah, yes, you’re correct. Too bad. Oh well, maybe I’ll keep my account for something else. Their iOS app is sure nice.