Camera+ Updated to Bring Back VolumeSnap Shutter Feature


One of my favourite photography apps, Camera+, has been updated to bring back the VolumeSnap shutter feature that caused the app to be banned from the App Store as it violated developer guidelines. That feature is now back, in the 2.4VS update:

What’s New In Version 2.4VS
VolumeSnap is back, beyotches!!

Apple implemented this feature in iOS 5, so now users can also enjoy it within Camera+. Back in August, an update brought the ability to add borders with captions to photos. The app surpassed 3 million downloads back in June, and Vancouver’s own Lisa Bettany helped play a role in the app’s success.

Click here to download Camera+, it’s still on ‘sale’ for $0.99.


  • Anonymous

    VolumeSnap is back, beyotches!! best way to bring in an update

  • Gangster5 0

    I find it funny that Apple banned it, then used it their-selves lol.

  • I was sooooo happy to see them get this capability back!!!! What makes me more giddy is the potential we can see if Apple is willing to open THIS API! Could notification APIs be coming so they’ll actually be useful!!!!! Or even direct access to settings like SBsettings. C’mon! Just 2 things and I promise to stop pining for a true untethered jailbreak! 🙂

  • Rykmann

    What is a volume snap?

  • SayWhat?

    How do you enable the feature?