CBC Hockey Night in Canada iPhone App Review


If you’re Canadian, then there’s a pretty good chance you live, breathe, eat, and sleep hockey. If you’re an iPhone owner, even better! Why? Because you have access to some of the coolest apps to help you keep track of your favourite teams and stats (for you hockey pool junkies out there). has reviews of various hockey-related apps to keep you busy:

The latest hockey app that was recently released into the App Store is CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada (HNIC) iPhone App. This app is a must have for any HNIC addict. For many, growing up to that famous HNIC theme song (which unfortunately isn’t on HNIC anymore) is like second nature to us. It is therefore suitable that all Canadians download this app already

Features of the HNIC iPhone App

  • Live box scores from every NHL game
  • Standings for division and conference
  • Stats for every single team and player
  • League leaders for points, goals, assists, +/-, GAA, SV%, and Wins
  • CBC sports stories and features
  • Full NHL schedule including CBC broadcasts and streaming info

Let’s be honest–this is one slick iPhone app! It’s very easy to use and the app’s home screen has a horizontal score bar that shows the date and games being played. You can easily slide the bar left and right to scroll through every single game, plus it allows you look up previous and future games/scores too.

Once you select a game, scroll down and you will see a detailed box score. I can see many people loving this app. The app has detailed team stats that even includes team injuries and records in their last 10 games.

What I Didn’t Like About the App

Some gripes include the one McDonald’s banner ad. However, McDonalds is conveniently the official restaurant of the NHL (I hope an angioplasty specialist is another sponsor). Right now, your local McDonalds is giving away free coffee every morning. All you have to do is show up and you can get a free small coffee, no questions asked! The promo is from Nov 16-29 from 5:30am – 10:30am every day! SWEET!

The HNIC iPhone app is slick and works great. Definitely a great way to proudly display the power of the Canadian tax dollar, don’t you think? If you’re still reading this review–stop. Just download the CBC HNIC iPhone app already, eh!

Click here to download the CBC HNIC iPhone App.


  • elducker

    Keep getting 'An unknown error occurred'
    when attempting to download this. Anyone
    else experiencing this? I've tried other apps
    to rule out a bad connection at my end.
    Sounds like just the app I've been waiting for.
    Now I just need a Glasklart icon to go with it!

  • Dusty

    I was watching the hockey games on last Saturday when I heard them talking about this app. I was thinking of trying it out…. Thx on the review!

  • Proud Canadian

    I had the same problem last night. It's working now though.
    Sounds like a great app.

  • nunavut

    Here's a hidden feature for your users. On the Home tab, you can scroll to any previous or future game to display the detail for that game. To return to the current playing game, or the next schedule game, just shake your phone.

  • Nice! Thanks!

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  • xxjdxx

    Good app, but wheres PUSH?! i got rid of this app becuase it doesn't support push, and i dont want two apps for the same thing. Also, the boxscores dont always list all the assists, if the names are long there is no way to scroll to view the full names…

  • canadianhockeyfan

    When I tried to download this app it said it wasn't available in canada?!?? i thought it was a canadian app? does anyone know how i can get it?????

  • JEC

    Did this review just slam the HNIC app for having a McDonalds ad and then put in a plug for McCoffee? If it was intentional- brilliant. If not, hilariously and yet painfully ironic. Can't wait to try the app!

  • New in app purchase for $2.99 allows live streaming of games. The Habs are Canada's last hope for the cup!

  • USA! USA! USA!

  • You hear that guys? GET HIM!

  • I'll offer you Kraft dinner if you stand down


  • if you throw in ketch up I'm down

  • Deal.
    (with poison)


  • New in app purchase for $2.99 allows live streaming of games. The Habs are Canada's last hope for the cup!

  • Ex

    USA! USA! USA!

  • You hear that guys? GET HIM!

  • Ex

    I'll offer you Kraft dinner if you stand down


  • if you throw in ketch up I'm down

  • Ex

    (with poison)


  • Cohiba


    I am planning to watch the habs game on my iphone saturday.
    I was wondering if it takes a lot of data over the 3g network.
    Anyone knows?


  • If you have a 6GB plan, you should be safe for at least an hour or two.

  • Scott Williamson

    does anyone know if this app works from the states/international? i’m unfortunately going to be in korea for games 3 and 4 but NEED to watch them on my ipad…