[Update] CBC News Releases New App


Yesterday, CBC News unveiled a new website redesign and along with it came a new app for the iPhone and iPad!  I’m a huge fan of CBC News so I am glad they’re joining many of their fellow news agencies in Canada with an app. The app contains a special edition of The National made specifically for mobile, top stories, regional news and weather, and more.

The App has a lot of great features, including local weather, and the ability to send CBC news stories that you are witnessing.  However, CBC seems to have rushed out this app as there are many of bugs, including a lot of crashing at the moment. Another glaring issue is that the Ads on the iPhone version of the app are incredibly intrusive.  In many cases, the ads will cover the content that you are reading, or even videos you are watching.  

Despite these issues, I’m still excited for this app.  The ability to send news into CBC is a great idea.  If you’re at an event where news is happening, it’s incredibly easy to let the CBC know.  The content is there, and the issues I have are easily fixed with updates. I imagine we will see some updates in the next few weeks.  The app is also being launched on Android and Blackberry as well!  You can find the app on iTunes here, and If you’ve checked out the app let us know what you think in the comments below!

Update: It looks as though CBC has just released an update to the app that fixes most of the issues I mentioned here.  The crashing seems to have stopped so far and the ads go away after a few seconds in the articles themselves.  Good job CBC!


  • Anonymous

    CBC News has always been my top news site on my iPhone. Their iPhone formatted mobile site was great and simple. I’m glad they made an app, it is even easier to use.

    And I’ve been watching The National mobile everyday for months now. Just a short 5ish mins preview of the full program later that evening. Usually available by 5:30pm EST

  • N Hooper

    Oh great! A new way to read liberal propaganda.

  • Scottdouglasmahoney

    its like the RBC app wait along time for it but when it comes out its almost perfect nearly no glitches if any minor ones

  • Riiight… Mind offering an example or is that a conclusion you came to purely due to the fact they’re gov. funded?

  • Saw their new website last night–much cleaner. Time to try this app out, thanks!

  • Tomsiphone

    It keeps crashing when I start it so I hope there are more updates to come.

  • Anonymous

    Agreed… it’s also crashing for me as well.

  • I agree this could be a great app. The thing that frosts my pickles is that the experience is not uniform across platforms. An example, you can go to the CBC website and watch The National in full. On the Apple TV or Video Podcast you are relegated to The National On-Demand which is a condensed version of the National in full. On the iPad you get The National Mobile which is a condensed The National On-Demand. So I guess that of all the things to complain about I choose a lack of consistency in programming between platforms rather than app crashes. I feel that if the show is available online in full, then damn it deliver it equally across platforms. In my opinion all other issues are irrelevant until this is resolved. I cannot understand why the CBC doesn’t go balls out and offer an app to rival Global TV’s offering.

  • Tomsiphone

    I found the fix for the crashing (at least on my 3GS using iOS 4.2.1) I turned off the location service and it works just fine. Try that if you have the same trouble.

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  • Huddyrocks

    Crashes everytime I open it, even after update. Fail….

  • Anonymous

    Yea that fixed it. Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Had the same issue. Turned off the location service for the app, works fine now.