Facebook 3.0 iPhone App Update Now Available!


What’s one of the best ways to waste time on the internet? That’s easy, just logon to Facebook and cyberstalk all your friends. Wow, Billy just ate dinner with his sister and Jane just posted up a new gallery of her Vegas trip! πŸ˜‰

Anyways, the original iPhone Facebook app was extremely limited in what it could do. Sure, it was a nice layout and included some essential options but the full functionality of the web interface was missing.

Facebook 3.0 is Finally Here!

That has all changed now that the Facebook 3.0 iPhone app update is ready to download. It was released yesterday evening and so far, I must admit this new update brings some much wanted features we’ve all been waiting for! Here they are, courtesy of Facebook:

– See your upcoming Events and RSVP
– See your friends’ birthdays
– See Pages and post updates and photos to Pages you administer
– Write Notes and read your friends’ Notes
– Upload videos from an iPhone 3GS
– Upload photos
to any album
– Complete photo management (create albums, delete albums, delete photos, delete photo tags)
– Change your Profile Picture
– Zoom into photos
– Like posts and photos
– See the same News Feed as the Facebook website
– Visit links in a built-in web browser
– See all of your friends’ friends and Pages
– See mutual friends
– Easily search for people and Pages
– Make friend requests
– Become a fan of Pages
– Quickly call or text your friends
– Create shortcuts to your favorite friends and Pages
– Friends sorted by first or last name according to your settings
– Chat friends sorted alphabeticaly

Some of my favorite new features includes the ability to manage online photo albums and uploading video straight from my iPhone 3GS. Also, there is now a “phone” icon next to friends who have their cell numbers entered which makes for easy calling.

Here are some screenshots of Facebook 3.0 for the iPhone. There is a similar icon to Safari’s (desktop web browser) “Top Sites” icon that brings you to a screen of icons to view the newsfeed, your profile, friends, etc.

Just remember that you will require iPhone OS 3.0 for this new Facebook to work. If the update doesn’t show, you will have to manually search for the Facebook app and download away.

photo-2photo 3photo 2

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What are some of your new favorite features?


  • Prailor

    Message pushing?

  • Dusty

    Facebook, whats that? jks lol
    Not for me. Although v3.0 does have some nice new upgraded features πŸ˜‰

  • lello91

    FINALLY!!! It was about time.

  • icemanyvr

    Yeah it's a very substantial upgrade. This is what the desktop version should be like… clean, simple, and with none of the extra garbage like adds, etc.

    I like that you can add favorites by swiping the home page, and that you can now delete a post if you made one in error

    As for Push… not sure we really need that for Facebook

  • I agree. I don't go on Facebook that much, and having Push for the newsfeed is not very important. I already get email notifications for every single action that happens anyways!

  • stuhFAN

    Anyone notice that everything in the new FB 3.0 loads slower? I'm on my wi-fi network at home and page loads, etc are taking noticeably longer than the last version…

  • Prailor

    ive also noticed it loads a little slower, as for pushing, it would be nice if you recieved a message in your inbox

  • stuhFAN

    Speed issue seems to have resolved itself (weird), only other issue I'm having is notifications page won't load, just says 'Error – notifications can not be loaded at this time'. Other than that I'm lovin all the updates. Best addition is Events functionality. Like I needed another reason to waste time on my phone…

  • Looks like 3.0.1 is now in the App Store–go get it!

  • Looks like 3.0.1 is now in the App Store–go get it!