Facebook Update Brings Map View, Event Check-Ins, Unfriending From iPhone


A few days ago Facebook updated their mobile version of the site, and today brings an iPhone update with the following new features:

What’s New In Version 3.4
– Added Map View for Places
– Added the ability to Check in to Events that you’re attending
– Added the ability to unfriend from the phone
– Improved News Feed
– Improved notifications UI

If you’re a fan of Places, you now get a map view, plus you can check into events you’re attending. Have a friend that’s annoying you lately? You can now ‘unfriend’ them right from your iPhone to teach them a lesson! 😉

Click here to download Facebook.


  • bekk45

    still no liking comments? -.-

  • WFT

    Was hoping they would have fixed the issue with only being able to see last two posts in Groups on the IPhone app.

  • haven’t seen the update yet?

  • iamlynda

    Where’s the freakin dislike thumb?? – on FaceBook that is 😉

  • Anonymous

    Yet they still can’t add the ability to automatically put facebook events into the iPhones calendar…

  • What about being able to delete messages from your inbox? And bogus inbox message counts AND when you click “show older posts” it goes to the top of the newest page instead and you have to scroll down and do it again!! Grrrr!

  • lello91

    You should change the title to “Facebook Update Brings Map View, Event Check-Ins, Unfriending From iPhone, News Feed messed up with Photos missing & new glitch with the chat”.