Five High-Quality iPhone Poker Apps


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Five High-Quality iPhone Poker Apps

There are quite a few poker apps available for the iPhone in the iTunes App Store, one of which is even developed by Apple. Unfortunately for the real poker freaks, there are no official poker clients where you can play for real money – and it’s unlikely that we’ll see poker clients from Full Tilt or any other online poker guides in the near future, due to Apple’s current stance on online gambling.

However, if you want to play poker for fun on your iPhone you have lots of options. Here are a few above-average poker related apps from iTunes:

Apple – Texas Holdem

The “official” Texas Hold’em game from Apple, which is named just that, is one of the better alternatives as you’d expect. It offers very nice graphics and allows you to test your skills against up to eight of your opponents over Wi-Fi. Naturally, the game has built-in gestures to push all-in or double tap to check.

Live Poker by Zynga

Live Poker looks very similar to the clients you download from internet poker sites, and you do get to play against other players. Zynga is a large online gaming network, so finding opponents is not a problem. The poker variant you play is of course Texas Holdem, and if you’re accustomed to regular online poker, Live Poker has practically no learning curve.

iPhone Poker Timer
iPhone Poker Timer is a great tool for your home game. It’s available through the App Store and as the name implies it’s a timer for keeping track of (live) poker tournaments. It tells you what level you are currently, when it’s time to increase the blinds and so on. Impress your poker buddies in your next home game with this neat little app.

MotionX Poker
This game is not really poker, but it’s fun; you physically shake the iPhone and roll the dice to make a poker hand. By using the touchscreen you drag the dice you want to keep to one of five slots, and then roll again to get a better hand. It’s more fun than it sounds, and all of it is presented in a nice-looking 3D interface.

Ride it Out Poker
This one is also available via App Store, although Ride it Out Poker might not be interesting to poker purists as it’s a casino version of the game. On the other hand, it’s a fun way to waste some time. It has more in common with Caribbean Stud than Texas Hold’em – you place an ante and two bets on the table before the cards are dealt, and may choose to withdraw – and lose the ante – or raise if you think you have a better hand than the dealer.


  • Dusty

    Good review but 2 thumbs down for poker, so boring…! :p lol

  • Macdim

    Texas Hold’em Touch. (THTouch)

    Simple, fun, cheap. 99 cents.

  • I agree with Dusty. Not a poker fan. Good review, though.

  • generalinq

    I’ve tried a lot of them and settled on MegaPoker. This is the only one that allows you to join a room with other friends and play against them. Still looking for one that allows creation of a private room with password.

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  • dashparr

    I enjoy playing Apple’s Texas Hold em on wifi with friends. It’s interface is unparalleled. I’ve also enjoyed Rounders for the iPhone!

  • cheese

    You forgot to mention that Live Poker by Zynga allows for facebook connection/integration… They basically go hand and hand: allows you to face your friends from facebook if they have the application added to their facebook profile.

  • I'd also like to mention BnkRoll ( as well.
    It's a free bankroll manager that gives you smart insights into your poker playing so you can become a more profitable player. Whereever you go, BnkRoll gives you an accurate view of your poker money and tracks which games you have played.

  • birdsoft

    If you are looking for an iPhone Poker game with several variations give All-In Poker a try. It includes Texas Hold 'Em, Omaha, Razz, Stud, Draw….

    All-In Poker


  • blueuy

    im having a problem on my poker zynga on iPhone my buddies cant see me at the lobby please help me

  • blueuy

    im having a problem on my poker zynga on iPhone my buddies cant see me at the lobby please help me