Glider Gloves – Touchscreen Compatible Winter Gloves [REVIEW]


Designed by MobileMore, a company based out of Toronto, Canada, Glider Gloves are thermally insulated touchscreen compatible winter gloves, available in different colours and styles. Today, we’ll take a look at their heavy duty Winter style gloves that offer increased thickness and warmth as compared to the other Glider Gloves.


Made from synthetic thermal micro-fibers and conductive yarns, the unisex Winter Style Glider Gloves ($29.99) come in Grey, Black and Pink colour options, each available in small, medium, large and extra large sizes. The gloves feature an anti-slip grip on the palms, a brimmed cuff and a small tag at the wrist end for cleaning your iPhone or iPad screen. The overall quality of the gloves is really good for the price.



The Glider Gloves are definitely warmer than Mujjo’s touchscreen gloves I reviewed last year. However, I found the accuracy on these gloves to be not as good as the Mujjo’s but then again, what good is a pair of gloves if is not warm enough. That said, the Glider Gloves are still very much usable. I recommend getting the size that perfectly fits your hands since even a slightly loose pair may decrease accuracy, perhaps the case with my pair which is a tad bit larger at the finger tips.




The Verdict:

All in all, Glider Gloves are affordable, unisex and are ideal for anyone with an iPhone, iPad or other capacitive touchscreen devices. With its double lined soft interior, a pair of Winter Style Glider Gloves is sure to keep your hands warm while you type, tweet and text!


  • These look pretty good, for what they are. To be honest I personally don’t understand the need for these types of gloves? Can we really not go a little while walking around outside, without using our smartphones? (Or if we do need to use them, taking our gloves of for a few seconds?) I dunno, seems a bit much. But, that’s just me. Also, these gloves are … in a word … UGLY!!

  • einsteinbqat

    They will not be warm enough.

  • 1His_Nibs1

    Costco have gloves from Head that are the same concept BUT were like $14.99. I bought a pair and they work great on my iP 5’s touchscreen but I haven’t tried them yet in cold conditions. I’m going to Ontario @ Christmas so I’ll come back to this post and give an update on how they performed in those weather conditions. Oh and they look like performance/sports fitness apparel products and don’t look like garden/work gloves like these ones do!

  • Cheers

    Yeesh these are fugly! I’ll take my chances with frostbite for the 15 seconds I may have to take a glove off to do something on the screen. FYI, I find leather gloves work like a charm on touch screens (mind you, the ones I currently wear are really thin).

  • I could not agree more. These things are hideous.

  • Yeah they do look like gardening gloves! haha

  • Tdot Traveller

    I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I dont think they are that bad looking. Plus on their website, they have black ones that seems much more eye appealing… Cool review none the less.. and I agree that if touchsreen gloves cant keep your hand warm, then whats the point??

  • Yep! Like I mentioned, though Mujjo’s gloves are better looking, I never wear them since they simply aren’t warm enough!

    Btw, Mujjo has come up with an improved version this year, it will be interesting to see if they are any warmer and if that affects the touch response.

  • I think if they make these gloves any thicker (or warmer), they’ll stop working with touch screens!