Global Video iPhone App: Watch News and TV Shows


Global has released their Global Video app for iOS, and so far it looks great on the iPhone, except the content is limited. Some shows show no episodes at all, and some only have a few from mid-way through the season and so on. Global National appears to be uploaded consistently though. As for everything else–not so much.

What is the Global Video app?

Global Video is an exciting new video application created for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch devices. Watch full-length episodes and clips for all your favourite Global shows like House, Survivor, Hawaii Five-0 and more!

Highlights of the Global Video app include:

• Full-length episodes and clips
• Superb video quality
• Sleek interface design with user-friendly features
• Progress bars to indicate runtime – allowing viewers to exit the application and to resume viewing at the same spot
• Schedule guide for Global programs with listings up to two weeks in advance
• Behind-the-scenes footage and Web-exclusive content

The Global Video app has pretty good quality and there’s also a schedule guide for Global programs. If you exit the app, it resumes play from where you left off. There are short advertisements before the shows begin, but the app is worth it if you’re desperate to watch Global TV shows on your iPhone. Now if only they had more content!

Click here to download Global Video, it’s free.


  • Calgary

    I posted this in the forums last week, I guess no one uses the forums.

  • Gouvek

    Cool app, i will try that out once i get my iphone5 🙂

  • Jon V

    It is pretty good and loads faster than on my iPad.

  • Anonymous

    Does it support AirPlay? That would make it a much better app. If I could bring up episodes of programs that I missed and play them on my TV using AirPlay would be killer.

  • Unfortunately no. It would be nice but i’m not going to hold my breath.

  • Jbohn

    I didn’t think the video quality was very good. Looked pixelated.

  • Dennis

    Glad it was posted here cause I don’t use the forums…

  • HotTorontoDeals

    I recently moved to Toronto and would love to take advantage of the GlobalTV and CP24 iPhone/iPAD Apps that have come out, however, my iPhone and iPAD is filled with music, videos and apps that I purchased while living in the U.S. (about 4 generations of iPODs/iTouchs’ purchased in the USA over the years).

    Since my account is a U.S. iTunes account and these TV site apps require purchasing from the iTunes Canada site, is there a way to get the Canadian apps from Canada and still maintain and use the content on my U.S. iTunes account and iTouchs’, plus my Canadian purchased iPhone 4G or do I have to wipe the US content from my phone in order to use the Canadian apps?

    Any help would be appreciated!

  • Sina_s40552

    Hey guys, I have a question. For these videos I should pay any money or these videos are free?


  • Mike

    The Global Video iPhone App is excellent. Loads fast, looks great on my Iphone 5. Best of all its free. Thank you Global