Google Latitude iPhone App Download Now Available!


The Google Latitude app appeared briefly and then disappeared last week. Now, the app is available in iTunes for download–worldwide (yes, including YOU, Canada!). Google Latitude for the iPhone debuted as a web app, but those days are gone.

iTunes Description:

With Google Latitude, see where your friends are right now. Latitude lets you stay in touch with your friends and family by making it easy to share where you are and see each other on a map.

With Latitude, you can:
* See your friends on a map – find out who’s nearby and meet up.
* Share your location continuously with whomever you choose – help friends and family stay in touch with you, even when you can’t take out your phone.
* Control your privacy – share only city-level location, hide your location, or turn off background updating at any time.

Latitude lets you share your location in the background, even when the app is closed or your device screen is locked. Background updating requires an iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 with iOS 4 or above.

You can also enjoy Latitude from your computer at to see where your friends are or turn on optional apps such as Google Location History for a personal history dashboard.

With this native Google Latitude app, you can now have background sharing of your location. This is handy if you want to let friends know where you are when meeting up, or if you want to keep tabs on your children!

Let me know what you think of this native Google Latitude app. It’s great that Canada is included with the initial release–thanks Google.

Click here to download Google Latitude!


  • I wonder why it took so long to make its way to the iPhone, I remember using it about 2-3 years ago on my BlackBerry.

    It was a really cool idea, but I’ve never been one to broadcast that im not currently at my house lol

  • Anonymous

    Hmm I’m going to turn it on for the day and see how it does for battery life. Does anyone know which Location API it’s using (the “always on GPS” or the general area one that just used the cell towers.) Interestingly enough when I closed the app for the first time a notification came up informing me it would be ‘on in the background’. I’ve never seen an app be able to show a notification AFTER a user exits the app (e.g. When i see the home screen) although this might be possible with some ‘Local Notification’ tricks.

  • DeDubb

    The perfect app for stalkers ex girlfriends, boyfriends, wives and husbands. I will pass and keep my privacy.

  • Anonymous

    It should update with every cell tower change. But it would only show your location where the tower is and not your real accurate location

    There are also privacy options to update when you move to another city instead of tower

  • Junk3124

    I would not want to download an app to broadcast to stalkers where I am. I would probably only use it if I was on amazing race or something.

  • JfromK



  • Flaxx

    I think due to the fact that it runs a background daemon if backgrounding is enabled. Only jailbroken apps could do that, but it seems Apple has really relaxed their policy.

  • Flaxx

    I agree! Another unique thing is it’s also running as a daemon (when the background option is selected) which I’ve only seen on jail-broken apps. Go ahead and close the app in your task switcher and you’ll notice the GPS/location arrow will still be in the upper right corner updating the location information.

  • Flaxx

    have you verified this or is it a guess? seems like a good guess since I’ve noticed significantly less battery drain when the app is backgrounded versus when it’s in the foreground. I thought perhaps it was updating every 15 minutes, but I haven’t verified it either. If it’s by the tower, it would make sense that there is less battery drain, since although 3G uses a lot of battery power, GPS seems to drastically increase the drain.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah the whole daemon thing really sketches me out. I like to be able to close it an know it’s closed. Even rebooting the phone it was still running.

  • Interesting. Thanks for the info ^_~.

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