iBooks 1.1.1 Update Released in App Store


Have you been reading books on your iPhone using iBooks? You’ll be happy to know that an update has been released in the App Store. iBooks 1.1.1 comes with features and bug fixes. Take a look at what’s new below:

What’s New In Version 1.1.1
• Double-tap an image within a book to view it in greater detail.
• Experience books that include audio and video.
• Enjoy substantial performance improvements when reading PDFs.
• Look-up definitions to English words inside books without a specified language.
• Addresses an issue that may have caused some book downloads to not complete.
• Includes many stability and performance improvements.

I’m almost finished reading my free copy of Winnie the Pooh. What books have you been reading?


  • jonathan

    ibooks is a waste of time in canada right now. kindle is much more accessible through more devices, i use kindle and love it

  • Lolaguy

    “Enjoy substantial performance improvements when reading PDFs.”

    I will come July 30th. Yay. 😀

  • Bill Nye The Science Guy

    That PDF improvement is great news!

  • Shadow

    There's an app for that…..

  •  Xaroc

    Seems the only thing i read anymore is blogs on iphone in canada lol.
    You guys ever thought of publishing a book? a Behind the scenes edition. What Gary and Ex Really think about their users. Rated 18+ lol j/k

  • Awesome! I loaded a bunch of my ebooks on both the iPhone and iPad versions. Reading “Self Improvement for Smart People” right now, but recently finished “Confessions of a Public Speaker” and “22 Immutable Laws of Branding”

  • I don't suppose I'll be able to run iBooks on my first gen iPod Touch now? They made it 4.0 only for some reason, and first generation devices don't get 4.0.

  • Ex

    You know, I find your comment very interesting.

    Gary and I were at a meeting the other day and were discussing JUST that!


  • radovich

    iBooks supports syncing of DRM-free EPUB content directly to the iPad thru iTunes.
    Free iPhone 3G Apps & Free iPhone 3GS Apps

  • iBooks has a fair range of books now. Most of the major publishers are on it now. Not as much content, but there are other options.

  • I've been reading Sherlock Holmes from Project Gutenberg and from ebooks downloaded from other sources. Classics!

    Also I wouldn't mind the iBookstore being accessible via iTunes

  • Aloombox

    I am reading a Dorothy Sayers mystery.

  • i enjoy the brightness setting in ibooks i convert my own books to ibooks

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