iMovie 1.1 for iOS Updated: iPod Touch Support, Clip Splitting


One of my favourite apps for the iPhone 4, iMovie, has been updated for the latest iPod Touch. We’ve seen some amazing movies made with iMovie for the iPhone 4. Alongside this update includes some new features and much anticipated bug fixes. Here’s what’s included in the latest iMovie 1.1 update:

What’s New In Version 1.1

• Compatible with iPod touch (4th generation).
• Ability to split video clips.
• Automatic music looping when video extends beyond music track.
• Scrub to preview clips in Video Browser.
• In-app Tips page that illustrates how to use key features.
• Updated Photos Browser with newest images at top.
• Mute badge to indicate video clips with audio disabled.
• Additional performance and reliability improvements.

Being able to split clips is awesome updating the photos browser to bring the latest images to the top saves a tonne of time. I’m looking forward to the performance and bug fixes, because I’ve been suffering from crashes when trying to export movies to my Camera Roll. I’m going to get this right now! iMovie requires iOS 4.1.


  • roadcarver

    I have iMovie 1.0, but when I went to the Appstore, I noticed that it did not show iMovie as an available update. However if I do a search for “iMovie”, it shows it as $4.99. Hmmm…

  • roadcarver

    Oh crap, no wonder – per Gary’s post, it requires 4.1.

  • I actually had same experience as you–until I read the 4.1 requirement
    afterwards. Can’t wait for this update!

  • Nick

    Right… Luckily if you accidentally download the update but haven’t updated to 4.1 it won’t delete the old version from your phone… it will just wait to install the update until you update to 4.1

  • Mojan1802-troopermd

    This is a excellent update it was very annoying that the theme music would end before the video did. Good on Apple for the quick update.

  • James00

    Ahhhh man, we have to wait until a jailbreak is available for 4.1 before I install the newest version of iMovie…What a kick to the good ol’ nut sack

  • huddy

    Glad you can loop the music, however it sure would be nice to have an option to loop or not. I’m finding some older stuff I did, I timed the movie to finish on cue with the stock music, now it starts to loop the first few seconds. of the music again which sounds bad. We need an option to turn looping on/off for this to be useful.

  • Igzabier

    if on <4.1 you can edit systemplist to fake 4.1, then iMovie 1.1 will install and run fine

  • Igzabier

    if on jb <4.1 you can edit systemplist to fake 4.1, then iMovie 1.1 will install and run fine

  • Ruffdeezy

    The best part about 4.1 is that it allows HD video uploading

  • roadcarver

    I finally updated to 4.1, I’m taking a blind leap of faith that JB will come soon for it. I used the procedure using tinyumbrella to preserve my baseband to 1.59. The downloaded the iMovie yesterday and took me a min or so to understand how to seperate the clips. Now need to find out how to remove the transition that seperates the clips.