Just Mobile Xtand Go™ Car Mount For iPhone 5 [Review]


Xtand Go™ is yet another one of Just Mobile‘s iconic accessories, that provides superior functionality with a simpler design. Able to securely hold your iPhone 5 either on your windshield or your dashboard, this flexible car mount allows you to easily position your iPhone exactly the way you want.


The Xtand Go™ ships with a mount for iPhone 5, an extension arm, a set of 3 Go buttons with 3M removable adhesives, a suction cup and a wipe to clean your dashboard before installing the mount. You can either use the extendable arm and attach it to your dashboard with the included glue-free 3M adhesive and a Go button (as shown above), or you can use the suction cup if you plan to mount it on the windshield (see below).


As far as the adhesive / Go button installation goes, I was actually impressed to see how sturdy the adhesive stuck, and how smooth the extendable arm works. It’s neither not too loose nor too rigid. The mount easily clips on the iPhone and is equally comfortable to remove. Once mounted, you can easily position the iPhone vertically or horizontally. The middle section of the extension arm also hides an Allen key that works well to adjust the extendable arm.



It must be noted however that the mount only accepts the iPhone 5 without a case, which is kind of annoying. Luckily, you also have the option to use the suction cup instead of the bracket and attach it to your plastic or metal case from the back, without having to remove it. Though, this won’t work with silicon or rubber cases. Another way to use the mount with a case is to attach the Go button to the back of your iPhone case, but it may not be aesthetically pleasing for many. However, the option does allow one to use the mount with other gadgets like sat-navs, iPods, Android smartphones and more.



Overall, the Just Mobile Xtand Go™ ($39.95) is a well thought out car mount that is minimalistic, easy to install and is fully customizable. I do however wish that the stand’s next iteration features an adjustable bracket, perhaps with a spring or something, that can mount any iPhone with, or without a case.



  • Fahad

    do you know where can i buy this in Toronto?

  • gerry

    check out the kenu vent mount, i got one and you’ll love it.

  • Fahad

    hi gerry! thank you so much for your post!

    i researched the kenu vent mount and read some really good reviews about it. as such i cancelled the order (worth 50$) for the xstand go mount and ordered the kenu vent mount.

    however, i did read some users being skeptical about putting the phone in front of the vent during hot/cold weather when the ac will be blowing cold/hot air respectively.

    but so far, i have been using another vent mount which clearly isnt the best because my phone and the mount flies off each time my car runs over a pothole! so i definitely need a sturdier mount. really looking forward to the vent mount!

    thanks once again! really appreciate your timely post.

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