LiveProfile Cross Platform Messaging App Does Not Live Up to the Hype


The App Store is full of cross platform messaging apps such as WhatsApp, which is the best one out there. It allows for chat between iPhone, Android, and Blackberry users. Whenever I get asked to check out messaging apps, I always go back to the comparisons to WhatsApp.

The latest app called LiveProfile has entered the scene. It is the #1 free app in the App Store and is a cross platform messaging app like WhatsApp. I’ve had readers ask me to check it out a few times, and finally I’ve decided to share my thoughts on this new app.

Registration is a Pain and Buggy

For starters, there’s nothing worse than going through yet another registration to just USE an app. LiveProfile requires registration, and you find friends either through your address book or facebook. You also get a unique ‘PIN’ that identifies your account. I oppose this, as it reminds me of BBM users always broadcasting their “PINs” so they can add friends to BBM. There’s nothing worse than typing in a PIN to add a friend to a messaging app. Yuck.

WhatsApp on the other hand, require NO registration out of the gate. You enter your phone number, and it will automatically populate your friends already using the app. If your friend exists in your contacts, they are just ‘there’ in WhatsApp.

The interface of LiveProfile is less than desirable. Chat bubbles are too large, and the app does not feel polished at all. There’s just too much going on. As with WhatsApp, you do see when people are typing a message, and receive notification your message has been sent or read. I tested this with Ex, and he agrees that it’s #notwinning.

You can also send photos in LiveProfile, just like WhatsApp. But that’s pretty much where the comparison ends. WhatsApp allows for the sending of voice notes, videos, location, and has group chat.

I honestly don’t know how LiveProfile made it into the #1 spot under the free category. There are 386 one star ratings in iTunes out of 915 reviews. This app may be free, but it comes at the expense of a horrible UI and a plethora of bugs.

I would’ve reviewed LiveProfile earlier but my registration would not go through, and the app crashed constantly. I usually like to showcase apps that I download myself, but LiveProfile is one that I deleted immediately after. It was just too frustrating to setup and use. Thanks to everyone who asked me to check this out, as I just saved a tonne of people from wasting their time with LiveProfile.

I’m sticking to WhatsApp, which at 99 cents, is a steal. LiveProfile is free for a reason, because it stinks. It feels rushed out of the gate, and I don’t see the value compared other cross platform alternatives.


  • Mel

    I think a big issue with WhatsApp is that you can’t get it for the iPod Touch! You can download LiveProfile for iPod Touch, which is awesome!

  • Josh

    @Gary I think it’s wrong to compare whatsapp to liveprofile Whatsapp is basicaly free sms and will only work with people who have your phone number or vice versa… Liveprofile works with pins that you can give to anyone you like… Not related with your phone number… Its more mainstream as whatsapp is more of a personal use between close friends… I mean i could d/load whatsapp right now and still have no way to speak to you “Gary” because you don’t have my number and i don’t have yours… We are not that close lol… But we could easily exchange pins… And that’s where i think the difference is… What do you think?

  • Jaye C

    i agree with gary! in my opinion liveprofile sucks!
    i deleted the app and re-installed it at least 3 or 4 times! sending and receiving messages is a joke! my husband who is sitting right next to me will send me a message on liveprofile and i wont get the message till the next day!! GARBAGE!
    in addition…contacts who are unavailable are clearly NOT….my coworker who downloaded it had his status as AVAILABLE and on MY liveprofile shows him as UNAVAILABLE!

  • Urir10

    You can as easily exchange phone numbers

  • MoO

    This app really sucks they should delete from app store i send 10-15 pics to my gf and she got one on them after two days on other hand pingchat work perfect, i havent try whatsapp yet. But they seriously need to have updates in liveprofile, i dont have MMS free, i wanted some app that i can send pics to my gf or friends.

  • MoO

    If you can exchange pin then why not phone number??

  • Anonymous

    Yes WhatsApp is way better than Live Profile. But there is finally a messaging app that is going mainstream. If only it was reliable.

    The reason this went so viral is because of pins, and people posting them on their Facebook. The reason why pins are better than giving phone numbers out is because you can reject people when they add you. You can even delete them later! However, phone numbers are forever.

  • Jon V

    I think KIK Messenger is the best so far I’ve tried for cross platform between Android and iPhone. It just works.

  • Vader76

    Obviously there is going to be growing pains with something new. I’ve been lucky and haven’t had any issues yet.

  • ethr

    Kik and Ping Chat are the best. Agreed, Liveprofile UI is ugly.

  • Alan

    Kik isn’t available for BB anymore

  • az

    Just a correction: WhatsApp does not have “read” notification. First check mark means your message reached WhatsApp servers, double check mark means it reached recipient’s phone. You can’t tell it the message was read or not.

  • Midnyt01

    You can still find it out there. Hopefully RIM works out it’s issues with Kik as it’s a much better product than LiveProfile.

  • If they’re “online” 99% of the time they’ve read the message.

  • Zachary

    Completely agree with Josh, and it has a really nice built in integration with facebook, where you can find your friends and add them to your friends list. This APP has a lot of potential, yes its buggy (it’s a new app) plus the demand for this has SKYROCKETED in 48 hours I went from 2 friends to over 65 on this app. And I haven’t had a lot of issues with it. Once they fix the bugs, this app will set a new bar!
    WhatsUp is pretty useless in my opipion, given you need the phone numbers of a person to use it etc etc.. and the interface sucks lol .

  • az

    The phone can be in another room, on silent. It can be hours before I read the message. I know from experience, I got burned for this by my gf. In KIK messenger, for instance, there are 3 states: sent, delivered, read.

  • why not just have usernames? or email addresses? theyre equally arbitrary as pins, but way easier to keep track of

  • Anonymous

    I suggested looking at this app due to the number of people it is getting. I personally still use KIK, it’s pretty decent but hasn’t increased in user base.

  • Calgary

    jailbreak -> BiteSMS and textfreek, much MUCH more superior than liveprofile, whatsapp, and all the other garbage.

  • Neil

    Whatsapp is great if I want to talk to the one person who also has it. The whole point is to have a cross platform messaging app which the majority of people use. Liveprofile is blowing up. Which is already making it useful as the whole point is to be able to reach all of your contacts. I like the UI and it hasn’t crashed on me yet. Registration was entering my e-mail and a password. Big deal. With this gaining so many people the app will definitely receive frequent updates. It’s a new app and as to be expected there are some bugs. Overall I’m happy with it and will keep it. It can only improve.

  • Huyniken

    this article is plain biased, you are bashing on an app that is new, and is currently having hundreds thousands people downloading it, causing it to crash. wait til the updates come out and then talk. i thought that you would know to be patient and know whats going on before you start bashing a company that is doing better than your beloved whatapp. especially since you work for a review site. clearly you dont understand the social mainstream and how people like to be well connected.

  • Josh

    My phone number is more personal… Not the pin… I can put my pin on my facebook profile or on my twitter… Imaging doing that with my number… :-0

  • I dont know how many friends tried to get me on this darn thing on Facebook in the last two weeks.
    I turned all of them down with this very excuse right here “There is like 5+ other apps that do exactly the same as this, im not going to own all of them just so i can talk to all my friends at once, you can text me” lol

  • The last time I had some random “PIN” username, that was my old 7 digit ICQ number. For people that don’t ‘know’ each other, email works just great and removes the awkward pauses of live chat.

  • I had multiple tweets and emails asking to look into LiveProfile. The first time, the app wouldn’t register and crashed. I deleted it.

    The second time (for this review), it finally worked, but the interface was just as ugly as the first time.

    I wish LiveProfile all the best, and hope their future updates bring some new features. However, just because you’re popular doesn’t mean it’s a great app.

  • guestttttt

    On the contrary, thats what we need. A popular app. The reason whatsapp, ping, kik and multiple other apps are failing are because there are SO many people don’t know what to use. When i use it I only have a few contacts, even if this app is glitchy, if it manages to get everyone in one spot- I’m there.

  • guestttttt

    P.S. That being said, I still like Whatsapp, its just too bad that it wasn’t lucky enough to get this hype right now or else it’d be even better, and I don’t like the interface as much, but as I said before whichever has more poeple on it will be better. That comes first before updates/glitches.

  • this “review” is plainly biased. This app is ALMOST as good as whatsapp when it comes to reliability, and its brand new. Whatsapp has been available and improving for over a year but yet half the time i get “connecting” when i open the app and it takes 2-3 minutes before its useable, LiveProfile does not do this.

    Also you cannot for wrong with pins, there are a lot of people i wouldnt mind chatting with but that doesnt mean i want to broadcast my phone # to anyone! The PIN is the reason liveprofile will overtake the cross-platform IM market.

  • Ro

    I’ve been trying to get into it cuz everyone on FB is going nuts about it.. it constantly disconnects.. I wish everyone would stop being cheap and buy whatsapp for $1… WAYYY better.. the only reason its catching on is because its free.. if whatsapp were free there would be no competition

  • Pifexx

    If you would have got rid of your pre-conceptions and actually give a little more time to LiveProfile then you would have mention that: LiveProfile does not ask you to hold on for 5 minutes when you start it the first time like Whatsapp.

    LiveProfile gives you the option to add only the people you want.
    LiveProfile CAN work like Whatsapp (you can scan your adress book and whoever is using it will pop-up) but that’s what makes it better: it offers you both add by facebook name, scan adress book, add by phone number or add by pin.

    Whatsapp is primitive.