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Looks like today’s news theme is “Finance Friday”.

Popular online personal finance service has been available to our US neighbours for over a year now. Today now officially supports Canada (it was out in beta a couple months ago) and is a huge boost for those looking to aggregate their financial accounts into one place. Oh, and the iPhone app is something you’re going to want to use with this.

More from Business Wire:

Since being acquired by Intuit, has more than doubled its user base to 4.5 million users, and doubled the number of financial institutions it connects to, now 16,000.

“From the very beginning, when was more a concept than a product, I envisioned it as a global offering helping millions of people worldwide better manage their money,” said Aaron Patzer, vice president and general manager of Intuit Personal Finance and founder of “Joining Intuit last year made that vision a reality, and we’ve spent much of the last few months doing in-market testing and applying Intuit’s Customer Driven Innovation philosophy to learn more about our new and potential customers. Our Canadian launch is just the beginning of’s global expansion.”

Helping Canadians Do More With Their Money

Canadians can access Mint at Mint connects securely to Canadian banking financial institutions in addition to U.S. banks and credit unions. Mint automatically aggregates users’ accounts and transaction information, categorizes spending, delivers detailed views of their financial life, and saves them money by providing money-saving and money–making suggestions specific to Canada. The free mobile applications for iPhone and Android mobile phones are available on the iTunes Canada app store and Android Market.

This is great news for Canadians. For people who have various bank accounts and different sites to visit for each credit card, will be a blessing. On top of that, the iPhone app will make it even easier to keep track of your finances.

Click here to visit to learn more. The iPhone app is free in the App Store.

Are you going to try out Looks like a pretty awesome service.

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  • Butbut

    FYI it sucks!

    The app does not update to current balance nit sometimes takes days and up to weeks before Mint shows the actual balance.

    Another thing is that it might not be a fit for people who like to reconcile their accounts. The developer is dumb enough to round the amount to the nearest dollars.

  • I’ve never had any problems with Mint not updating to the correct amount, and it usually does so within a couple minutes of the transaction. Also I think you are missing the point of Mint. It is not supposed to be a replacement for using your bank or online bank, but a service to allow you to better manage your money. You can set up budgets for different things you pay for and Mint intelligently searches the POS code to figure out what type of purchase it was and deducts it from the proper budget.

    If you’re looking for a mobile banking solution, Mint is definitely not what you are looking for, but from the few months I’ve had with it, it’s been a great tool for making budgets and letting me see exactly where all of my money is going.

  • Confused

    How is this new? I’ve been using Mint in Canada since August and it has worked fine. Never had any trouble connecting to Scotiabank. Has something changed?

  • butbut

    You’re either one of the lucky ones that don’t have problems, or you’ll soon face problems. It’s a known problem and even after months, it hasn’t been rectified.

    I know the point of Mint. But you can use it as a tool in conjuntion with other tools to manage your money. It can be used as an online banking aggregate where you can have one app to see all your finance.

    I have an app that keeps track of my money and budget. I use apps like Mint or Pageonce to see my account to reconcile anything I’ve missed.

    And also the TD app sucks. I hate having to jump from my finance app to TD app and having to enter the password over and over again everytime I leave the screen…that’s why I use apps like Pageonce or Mint. Though Mint has been disappointing.

  • The ‘official’ launch in Canada is today. Previously, it allowed Canadians
    to sign up. Beta test most likely.

  • Cjob68

    Isn’t this against a card holder agreement to give your login credentials to someone else ? I wonder what Scotiabank or the other banks view of this is ?

  • BellUser

    Actually the “official” launch in Canada was Dec 1. 🙂

  • You didn’t email us??

  • Wipdeedoo2

    They’re on Bell… Service was probably down.

  • That’s what makes me uncomfortable. Why should I trust them with my online banking credentials?

  • The App is somewhat very buggy. The latest update resolved some crashing and continuos problems with login, but it still has bugs. The silliest thing is that If you already have a US account. you can’t transfer it into a Canadian account.

    Mint is a Great product, but lacks of quality in some key areas. Although still a great product

  • Good one…… everyone must read this.

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