Netflix Canada Review on iPhone 4: First Impressions


Looks like Netflix has officially launched in Canada. Yesterday we got a heads up on Netflix’s Canadian plans, and now their site is official with pricing.

For $7.99/month, you’ll get access to unlimited TV/Movies to watch. Except as of right now, the selection is very limited. We can only hope that their Canadian library will expand. I did find lots of 2009 movies. Search and you’ll definitely find some gems.

What Netflix did right was offer their brand new Canadian service at a brainless $7.99/month price. That is an amazing deal to get all you can watch media–except right now the library needs some work! It will be interesting to see if cable providers decide to flex on their pricing to compete with Netflix.

Compatible Netflix Streaming Devices

You can stream Netflix on your PS3, Wii, and computer (XBOX 360 coming soon). You can also stream on your Mac, iPhone, and iPad. There is no mention of Apple TV support yet.

I just signed up for my one month free trial. You can set your preferences to see what genres will be displayed. The movie selection wasn’t very good. 1st run and second run movies aren’t really there, but some oldies are. You can watch movies such as Superbad, Slumdog Millionaire, and The Notebook (the personal favourite of many Apple fans like yourself).

The CBC notes:

  • Netflix’s CEO says they are a “supplement” to cable networks, not a replacement
  • About 7000 titles on launch; more to come. English capabilities only right now
  • Download caps are an issue in Canada. Rogers lowered their download cap in July after Netflix announced their Canadian expansion plans.

For $7.99/month, my expectations aren’t that high–yet. Let’s wait for their library to build up. Hey, it’s the first day right?

So far, it plays very well on my iPhone 4. There are some movies in there that are a couple years old, but in terms of TV, entire seasons of Mad Men and others are in there. Great deal! Take a look at my screenshots below from my iPhone 4. I’ll be doing some more watching and testing later.

Did you sign up for Netflix Canada? Let me know how it’s working out for you!


  • Don

    I also notice that Apple is removing all references to Netlix streaming from all of their Apple TV product pages. Perhaps Netflix will only be available on Apple hardware via the iPhone/iPad app.

  • Anonymous

    That would be the stupidest move ever.

  • theatre

    hey! are they subtitle in french available?


  • I’ll save my free trial for when they actually get content. I see nothing that I would watch on there right now.

  • The specifications page still says, “Netflix account required for netflix streaming.” so Im not sure what you’re talking about.

  • Craig

    I can’t find any mention as to whether or not they’ll support Tivo as a platform. It’s supported in the US, but can’t see anything about it in Canada. Maybe I’ll just have to try it ou.

  • Nick

    Agreed.. If they get some decent content I would definitely get the apple TV & netflix.. But if they don’t get decent content and apple decides not to support it I’ll just keep downloading

  • Signed up – so far so good, looks great on the iPad over 3G.

  • Not right now. Seems to be English only so far, but they said they are
    working on it.

  • GregW

    Actors hired to help launch Netflix in Canada

    “I was unaware that script was handed out to extras and that was not supposed to happen,” said Steve Swasey, vice president of corporate communications for Netflix.
    “Some people got carried away and it’s embarrassing to Netflix.”–actors-hired-to-help-launch-netflix-in-canada

  • Luis

    Works great on iPhone 4 and iPad. I have not been able to watch anything on my TV yet as the only compatible device I have is the Wii and they have to mail you a DVD to set it up. Any idea if the Wii supports HD?

    Regarding selection, $8/mo is a good value for me. There aren’t many first run movies to choose from, but there are plenty of TV shows, documentaries and foreign films that I probably wouldn’t rent otherwise. I’ll start with seasons 1-3 of “Dead like me”.

  • Ryan

    Still looks quite featured to me:

    If you’re talking about the Canadian Apple TV page, they’ve never had anything on that page about Netflix, as it didn’t exist in Canada until today. Will be interesting to see if they add info about it in the next few days.

  • GregW

    Also, question for Netflix Canada, where is the Streaming Instant Queue? I’d really like to be able to bookmark some of these movies for later viewing. Not available on the PS3 or iPhone app.

  • Megavidiot

    wii doesn’t do HD, but the xbox and PS3 versions will from what I know

  • Anonymous

    theres only two seasons of Dead Like Me ๐Ÿ˜‰ with a movie..
    amazing series

  • CHUV

    Now we just need to boycott some of the Internet companies to remove bandwidth caps. I vote we start with Bell.

  • I can’t seem to get it working on my iPhone, anyone else having this problem? I get an error message saying that the content is unavailable in my area. It works fine on my computer though.

  • Kerry

    I’ve had a US Netflix account for over a year (using a VPN). There is some good content, but great. They still want to ship disks to your home. I have the Netflix iPad app (from US iTunes store) and it works pretty spiffy. I haven’t bothered to check out Netflix Canada yet but for TV, it doesn’t even come close to Hulu or Boxee content. That said, I have not signed up for Hulu Plus. Why pay $10/month to watch TV on my iPad when I can watch it on my MacBook for free?

  • Vazandrew

    I’m going to wait a few months to see what content comes up and also looking into techsavvy for internet. Just have to check availability in my area..price is better, i’m only concerned about the speed.

  • wygboys

    Signed up this morning! Works great on my iPhone 4, iPad and MacBook Pro! Love Netflix!

  • Anonymous

    Oooh, one more way to waste the isp monthly cap limits. Ugh.

  • Anonymous

    Thinking about it… If they get it working on the XBox soon I might try it.

  • homes

    I will agre that it is lacking a bit of content, but I just downloaded the app and the love the ability to watch tv and movies whereever I am. I was able to find some content that I could enjoy right away so the first month is a total loss and it’s great because now I dont have to wast time torrenting stuff I only wanna watch that one time and then delete.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe at Christmas

  • It is kind of a kick in the balls that you can see the content there but it just says Not Available. Why show us the Shrek Movies, The Apprentice, Survivor or The Amazing Race (just some of the ones I checked first) if we can’t watch them?

    Is it a CRTC thing that prevents us from seeing the good stuff or can the Americans not watch it either?

  • darren

    What VPN service are you using? And how’s your experience?

  • They need to do a better way to let us search for content, by year. I’ve found some real hidden gems, but it took work. It’s especially a daunting task searching on the iPhone.

  • Kerry

    On my macbook I use hotspot shield, no vpn service required. On my mac mini I use surfbouncer. They have really good support and a growing number of servers throughout the world. Helped write configuration files for openvpn ipad app and PPTP connections as well.
    Besides US servers, they have UK and Ireland servers that let me stream BBC shows that they won’t show outside of the UK.

  • Foxy

    Cable companies are whining as usual. Grow some rocks CRTC.

  • Foxy

    Bandwidth caps. Bunch of bloated babies…they have all kinds of bandwidth.

  • Foxy

    As usual, we have quota’s on milk, cheese and eggs. Now they want to give us a quota on bandwidth. When will Canadian’s stand up to this crap.

  • Anonymous

    It is a complicated mess… It has to do with “rights”. Canadian companies purchase the rights to TV Shows and their commercials, so only that company can show that particular show on their network of channels at whatever time they want. They don’t have to show it the same time as the US, they can even show it earlier or days later.

    The problem with Netflix is that the rights of a ton of these shows belong to a Canadian company (CTV, Canwest, Quebecor Media, Rogers Media, etc…) so these popular shows will most likely not be available on Netflix right away.

    CRTC is a load of crap, they need a big overhaul if they really want to bring prices and true competition to the market, because stuff like Netflix isn’t going to put a dent in the TV market.

  • Mike

    So far so good here. We shall see as time passes though

  • Mr. Speedy

    Looks like Netflix has already been added to Canadian Apple TV.

  • If they can get some movies in French and something working on the new apple
    Tv, I will get an Netflix account for sure!!

  • Alocatelli

    I signed up today. $7.99 a month for all you can eat, plus a first month free, is too good to pass up. Mad Men alone will make the price worth it.

    I tried it on all of my machines: first on my MBP, then on my iPhone 4, and finally on my Mac mini (my HTPC). Playback was perfect each time, and the stream picked up exactly where I’d stopped it, irrespective of the machine it was playing on.

    I definitely plan on looking at all the titles that are available. If the service lads later on, I can always cancel at any time.

  • Alocatelli

    I signed up today. $7.99 a month for all you can eat, plus a first month free, is too good to pass up. Mad Men alone will make the price worth it.

    I tried it on all of my machines: first on my MBP, then on my iPhone 4, and finally on my Mac mini (my HTPC). Playback was perfect each time, and the stream picked up exactly where I’d stopped it, irrespective of the machine it was playing on.

    I definitely plan on looking at all the titles that are available. If the service lads later on, I can always cancel at any time.

  • +1

    I just started watching mad men, so I was really excite to see all three seasons on there!

  • I signed up – agree that library needs some work but that will come with time. I expect even over the next few weeks we’ll see improvement there. If the library stays somewhat stale after 2 or 3 months of membership, many of us ‘early adopters’ will cancel our plans until we see more improvements. But with 1 month free, I’m willing to give up $7.99/mos for a couple months beyond that to enjoy the content that’s there now. Streaming worked great on my iPad and iPhone even over 3G! Also tried it out on my PS3 over wifi and was impressed with the quality on my 42″ plasma. It will really be that library that will ultimately determine how long I hold on.

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  • Half_Pint

    How about starting with Rogers, who actually *lowered* their cap, after first doubling overage penalties?

  • Barrettneil

    So how much data does each show/ movie eat up? I’d sign up but would have to stream from my cell data plan since we don’t have high speed internet in our area.

  • 143mbx 2 = 1hour 286mb
    286mb x 6 hours = 1710mb

    from someone who used an ipad

  • desino79

    I was really excited about being able to use Netflix on my Western Digital HD Live Plus, after fiddling with the setting and a firmware upgrade, I was unable to activate my Netflix Subscription on my Media box,

    Phoned Netflix, the very polite and energetic agent advised, it may take more than two weeks for my media box to added to the list………boooooooooo for now…but at least i can use my iPhone until then

  • Laserheart

    It seems to work pretty good on the iPad, but I’m having problems with it on the PS3. It seems the application just crashes when I start it up.

  • Foxy

    Did you hear Mr. Rogers? “Canadians don’t like watching old versions of Glee…”. Thanks as usual for tell us what Canadians like to watch…

  • Anonymous

    There are always alternative ISPs that don’t have caps. Here in Montreal I use Primus and there’s also Acanac, ColbaNET, NinaIT and many many other smaller ISPs that have no cap. If you’re using Bell or Rogers or the other major Western ISPs, I have to say that you’re not very smart ๐Ÿ˜›
    I transfer anywhere between 200GB and 500GB a month on Primus

  • Jeana

    I got Netflix and I love it! I see lots of movies I want to watch. I love the format. I’m sold! Just watched an interesting doc on Joan Baez!

  • wb

    Switched my service from Rogers to TekSavvy cable unlimited service and it’s amazing. More people need to put their money where their mouth is and act rather than be bullied. If you disagree with the caps, leave and tell them why.

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  • Tushar_dev9

    I have an error 101 u know Smthin bout it?

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  • Dan Gilbert

    signed up for Netflix Canada a few months ago but really didn’t like
    the selection. Then I set it up for my parents a few days ago because
    they’re old, not especially picky and it’s hard for them to travel to
    the video store to rent movies. They usually just watch whatever they
    want, but that strategy doesn’t really work for the rest of us.

    A big issue I had with it is the overwhelming selection of movies I
    haven’t really heard of. I didn’t KNOW what most of the movies were
    about so I didn’t want to waste my time watching something that might be
    crap. Apparently there are a ton of podcasts about this sort of thing.
    Almost all of them are American so they don’t always review movies that
    are available to Canadians, but I found one called the Netpix Podcast
    that reviews movies available to Canadian Netflix subscribers. I highly
    recommend it, but if anyone finds any other decent podcasts, let the
    community know!

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  • jesus2.lopez

    The only about Netflix I really enjoyed was being able to
    watch online content on my smart phone, but after a couple months I used it
    less and less. They have next to nothing available on their online content and
    its takes a while to get movies through the mail, so I am just glad that now I
    can get Blockbuster Movie Pass with my employee DISH Network subscription. With
    Blockbuster Movie Pass,
    I can rent videogame and movies through the mail at the same price and get
    access to online content with access to extra channels through DISH Network.
    Plus, it was free for 12 months when I switched to DISH.