netTalk iPhone App: Free Calls Over WiFi/3G to Canada/USA


There’s a hot new app that’s available in the App Store for free, called netTalk. This VoIP company has created an app for the iPhone that allows free calling to numbers to Canada and the USA over both 3G and WiFi (and even EDGE). It doesn’t use your daytime minutes, can’t receive incoming calls, and doesn’t show caller ID. But did I mention it allows for free calls?

Typically, I’ve been using the $2.99/month Skype subscription plan (with an additional $10 Skype Credit for Caller ID) to make my long distance calls. I might be making the switch to netTalk if this free service keeps up.

Here are the features:

– Free calling to the US and Canada
– Connectivity through WIFI/3G/Edge
– Record conversations
– Import your contacts from your phone
– Receive customized support through 611
– Dial 2663 for FREE conference calling bridge
– Free 411 Directory Assistance
– Integrated contacts from the phone
– Favorite Contacts

More details from their iTunes description:

Coming soon:
– Link your netTALK DUO phone number to the app
– Low rates for international calling
– Receive calls on your iPhone to your netTALK number, without paying for cellular minutes

– Must be on WiFi/3G/EDGE
– Must create a netTALK account to use this app-no device needed
– International roaming charges may apply
– iPod touch/iPad require a compatible headset/microphone
– Operator data charges may apply.
– iPod touch 1st gen users must have iOS 2.2.1 or above
– Dialing 911 on the application will not work

I loved that my iPhone contacts were imported right into the app. Plus, there’s a tab for Favorites and Recent Calls. A feature I found very interesting was the ability to record live phone calls. The recorded calls show up in your Recents tab, and you can play them back like a Visual Voicemail.

The only pain was signing up for a SIP account, as that’s required to login and use the app. Oh, and don’t forget to add “1” before you dial a number.

I tried test calls over both 3G and WiFi, and call quality was very good. Need to dial free long distance? Looks like this is the app we’ve been waiting for. This app is also available for Android, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile.

Click here to download netTalk and tell me how it works out for you!


  • Darren

    Sounds like a good app, Downloading it now.

  • socrdiva11

    may use this one once my Skype credits are used up…might as well use them since i paid for them…but this sounds great for afterwards!

  • Anonymous

    Works great, the only problem I have with it is that if I accidentally call somebody (because I tapped on a number in my recents list) it will phone the person and just keep ringing until the other person picks up, even if you hang up right away. When the person picks up it’s just silence too.

  • Wuju

    It can dial to a local home phone too for free?

  • Anonymous

    works really well. basically a free skype!

  • Rob

    Seems but doesnt seem to support Bluetooth. Call would not switch over to my headset.. Will try and fiddle with it a bit more..

  • Warrenl

    Any idea how to save the recording – I would like to keep a copy of it on file?

  • Anonymous

    I tried calling two local numbers and it says it can’t connect. I’ll try a long distance one and see what happens. Think I’ll order a pizza from Boulder Colorado.

  • Wuju

    Just tried it. It works.

  • Werden

    Sounds really good, but I’m a little worrined about this note:

    “International roaming charges may apply”

    What does this means exactly? Can they charge me up with some roaming charges if I use it while i’m not home?

  • Anonymous

    Wowwww this is bombb! How much data does a call uses though? And i would be cooler if the app could add automatically the “1” as a prefix! Because even when importing contacts they dont have all the prefix “1” .!

  • Def2beu

    I tried and all it says is the number you have dialed is currently unavailable

  • Bryce

    I dont know why it wont work for me. I live in Gatineau but work in Hull. Im at work right now and I registered then tried to sign in. It just keeps trying to sign in untill i eventually give up. I thought my password was wrong so I tried to retrieve it and it gave me some random password that I cant remember. Tried using that and its still doing the same. Tried to retrieve my Username and i had the right one. It just does not work for me, not to mention that I cant change my password back now. I am sad =(

  • Rhyno_guy

    I was having the same kind of issues. I dont know if username is case sensitive or what, in the end, after getting them to send me a new password. and typing in case sensitive username. and copying and pasting the password with the copy paste feature on the iphone, it finally worked.

  • Anonymous

    Very interesting. This would be perfect for me because the only time I really use my iPhone to call is for long distance calls and I don’t have a long distance plan so having it free is really nice! The main concern I have is how much data does it use? I have a shared 1GB plan and I don’t think it will come close to the limit, but you never know how much apps use sometimes especially for something like this.

    So if this works as described allowing me to make free long distance calls, uses little data, this will be a really awesome app! Glad I follow the site for this kind of news.

  • Guest

    I think that means, if you’re using Data outside of your carriers zone, then your carrier will probably charge you roaming fees for using another carriers data. If that makes any sense at all!

  • Gave it a quick try just now, sound quality was impressive!
    Much better than Skype, and that was over 3G on iphone 4

    If only we could have a virtual phone number (like google voice in the US) here too so we can receive call on these VOIP apps…

  • Djroy57

    Same here, number unavailable in spite of verification…

  • Glo2l

    Nope didn’t work for me success in setting an account, but activation failed. Gonna delete it now. GARBAGE

  • qk

    Was able to get authenticated (user id and pw are case sensitive), but would not call out – just timed out. Tried turning of WiFi and it worked on 3G. Probably need to open a port on my router – anyone know what is needed?


    Tried it, works good. Only problem is you hear your own echo while on a call.

  • R2traps

    Was having the same issue, but tried dialing 1 before the calls and it worked. So basically dial as if you are calling long distance. One other issue is that the keypad doesn’t seem to work after the call is connected, so if you’re calling into a message system you can’t enter passwords or extensions, etc.

  • roadcarver

    Connection / call quality is poor – based on two calls that I’ve made.

  • Anonymous

    Ya quality is pretty poor. Remember that you have to dial 1I think the system I use is pretty good. I’m with Primus for home phone (NA unlimited) and Internet (5/0.5). $80/month for both. Unlimited bandwidth for the internet and all features on the home phone. And they give you an access number that you can dial with your cell phone and all you get it a dial tone. No PIN to enter or anything. Just dial tone. And then you dial wherever you want to call in NA. This is just fine for me, since for my long distance contacts, I’ve entered them as [LDaccessNumber][Pause][actual number] and when I call that on my iPhone, I’m connected like normal. It’s perfect for me. I also have an access number with Comwave for international calls and its the same thing.

  • The setup process of a SIP account was a total pain. Username is case sensitive.

  • Usernames are case sensitive. I experienced this same problem too.

  • Be sure to dial 1 + area code + number

  • Be sure to dial 1 + area code + number

  • If you’re connected to WiFi out of the country, you won’t have any problems. Don’t turn on Data Roaming and you’ll never be charged.

  • If you’re connected to WiFi out of the country, you won’t have any problems. Don’t turn on Data Roaming and you’ll never be charged.

  • Will it be a Domino’s?

  • Will it be a Domino’s?

  • z24george

    great appi experienced some distrotion but i was connected over 3g and my area has a weak 3g signal but if im travelling i can use this to make free local calls or ld when my daytime min run out

  • Rock

    I dialed two different cell numbers and for both calls I could hear the people on the other end but they couldn’t hear me. I wonder if there is a way to fix this? Is anybody else having the same problem?

  • Om Kulkarni12353

    Hi, Can you please tell me about the set up guide? I have installed the app but its doing nothing. I have entered the user name and password. I can’t see any button to dial a number. Please help me out.

  • If you logged in correctly, you should see the screens above.

  • Do you have to use this specific client or is this just basically a free SIP account that can be used with any iPhone SIP client?

    FWIW, I too use Skype with the $3/Month unlimited option. Call quality over 3G ranges from “perfect” (typically when in the boonies and the towers are lightly loaded) to “useless”…typically in built up areas with heavy tower loads.

    I’m curious if a true SIP account like this would yield any better results. I suspect not.

  • Hagow

    My Skype subscription just expired. This is perfect. I tried it and quality was great over 3G on iPhone 4. Don’t put the volume to full blast or the other end will hear their own echo. Aside for that, no call ID, and background support this app ROCKS!!! It’s free what else do you want?!

  • PD

    How do you get to the dial screen. Mine just asks me to log in and create an account, which I have already done. Then the web portal option says it is under construction and to check back. Very frustrating.

  • Kris

    If my friend want to call me from UK , does this app works ? He can call me for free ?


    Works good on my IPod

  • Bee

    Hello Gary,
    how did you manage to put your name where Fido/Rogers/Bell/etc. usually goes?
    That’s pretty cool! Please share 🙂

  • azmhappy

    Thanks for the post. It’s really a nice application. Great post!

  • David Ranson

    I d/l and all I get it “cannot make the call” statement, been three days since I d/l, anyone else having this problem?

  • Playerz_inc

    If i make a phone call to someone in canada or the US. Are they charged with regular incoming or long distance incoming?

  • Amar

    its superb … i am using it … its perfectly fine … best and clear quality voice …

  • Perry

    does this still works ? i downloaded it , created a new account , typed the number w/ the 1 infront. but can’t seems to press the call and on the top right corner it doesnt says registered , it says “service unavailable” … any suggestion?

  • Mog

    Mine too. I tried deleting the app and starting again but didnt work. Very frustruating.

  • Lizzzzybabe

    I tried dialing a few numbers but it says,

    “call ended, request timeout”

  • Syed Ahmed

    Getting request timeout all the time can’t able to registered

  • Here To Help

    okay i know its a month old post but i found out why its saying “service unavailable”

    1: you might have another APP using voip running in the background.
    2: restart your phone or turning the phone off and then back on and if that doesnt work, do a hard restart by holding down the POWER and HOME button at the same time until it goes black screen and then apple logo shows UP.
    3: run the APP again and it should work perfectly fine.

    I hope this works for you!!

  • Wolfpac1234

    how can i fix it to stop saying request timeout??!?!?!?

  • Wolfpac1234

    same cant figure what’s going on

  • Hasib_107

    it dosen’t work

  • Jettyx

     The I received the “nettalk call ended request timeout” and it always happened at 30 seconds from hitting the call button.  The problem is the router, i have a DIR-655 and this router gives me the problem.  I replace the router using an old Linksys wrt54gl and the time out is just gone.  Try using a different router.

  • Saon95

    Great app … it works 🙂
    Called up mates in US and Canada; tested… ! Nice voice quality

  • Saon95

    Great app … it works 🙂
    Called up mates in US and Canada; tested… ! Nice voice quality

  • Gronassman

    im from charlotte n.c and i have nettalk on my smart phone and i want 2 kno if i can get a local num 2 b reached on threw nettalk if any1 can help me mess. me thk u .

  • Gronassman

    im from charlotte n.c and i have nettalk on my smart phone and i want 2 kno if i can get a local num 2 b reached on threw nettalk if any1 can help me mess. me thk u .

  • Mrs Monikahuq

    Can someone tell me how i can DELETE my account from this app…plss

  • Mrs Monikahuq

    Can someone tell me how i can DELETE my account from this app…plss

  • Gjjhhf

    This app sucks i have a duo accout and this stupid app wont log in

  • Splaciba

    No incoming calls, only outgoing. And limit to 30 minutes per call.

  • Summerfun99

    What is SIP account character requirements _ I picked a username and poster but says invalid? How does first time login go

  • Rhondabrophy

    I am taking a cruise in the carabbean.  Will nettalk work to call canada from the caribbean islands?

  • Yes


    Hi. I love nettalk can you let me get it on my iPhone please?

  • Daohuynh164

    Pls go to app store and search,then download to your fone

  • Brho2006om

    Nice one

  • dj7u

    If you’re in a WIFI area like at home, mcdonalds, starbucks, library, coffee shops in general, barnes & noble, airport, etc. Then, its totally free since it uses no data. Just go into phone settings shut off both cellular data & 4G!

  • blathtok1

    im using this on my android tablet and it works great. i highly reccomend it