Review: Hands On With Roam Mobility’s Liberty Mobile Hotspot [Video]


Liberty Hotspot

We’ve all heard the stories of Canadians who’ve traveled south only to return to massive cell phone bills because of roaming charges. While Canadian wireless companies have made roaming plans for people heading to the US a little more affordable, it can still be quite expensive especially if you need a lot of data.

Canadian company Roam Mobility provides another option for Canadian travellers. We’ve featured them on this blog numerous times, and today they announced they’ve started selling their SIM cards at Best Buy and Future Shop locations across Canada.

Recently our expert video producer Kris Meador had the opportunity to try out Roam Mobility’s Liberty Mobile Hotspot. Here is his video review of it in action down in Phoenix, Arizona:

As Kris points out when you’re in an area supported by T-Mobile, the Liberty Mobile Hotspot works great. You can even get 4G speeds in some areas. So it’s important to check the Roam Mobility website’s coverage map before you deciding to use Roam Mobility’s services.

If you’re headed to the US and you plan to use a lot of data, the Liberty Mobile Hotspot may the perfect option just in time for spring break. You can get a refurbished unit for 50% off here at $49.95.

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  • montymon

    I’ve had their hotspot for a couple of years. It has served me very well. The only “issue”, if it really is one, is if the hotspot is in your pocket as you’re wandering, loss of signal isn’t readily noticeable. I occasionally found myself frustrated, not connecting while my iPhone showed a nice, strong wifi signal… Once I realized what was going on, checking the hotspot was the first “troubleshooting” I would do.

  • Just Me

    wow. i cant believe it. my comment about Roam Mobility and how people should think twice about it got removed. now I know that iphoneincanada is getting a kickback from Roam Mobility in promoting their products and services.

  • guest

    How much?

  • guest

    what was your comment?

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  • warpdrive

    As I read this and post I am using a roam mobility sim card in Anaheim, CA. The data and texting have been invaluable in Disneyland. Nice strong signal too. Worked well in Mesa, AZ as well, although dropped to 2G for a good portion of the drive from Mesa to Anaheim. I do not get LTE speeds, only 3G. Odd the liberty gets 4G? Overall, I would likely use the service again.

  • Steve Petersen

    I like Roam Mobility and the thought behind it. It has saved me $$. I have a micro sim that I use with my unlocked iPhone 5S. They are promoting 4G and 4G as many people know is supposed to be LTE. (it is here in Canada) When I am in large US cities that do in fact have T-Mobile LTE, the iPhone still says 3G. This is because the deal that Roam has with T-Mobile is only for 3G, not LTE! 4G in the US is considered on par with 3G here in Canada. This I confirmed with Roam directly. LTE is separate and is not part of the Roam- TMobile deal. This is false advertising on Roam’s part.

  • Chrome262

    I have used both t-mobile and Roam and yes they both do well in Arizona in the south, but I was in flagstaff and back and forth to New Mexico and it was horrible. And back east have the actual t-mobile card was better especially in the DC/Baltimore area.