Sprng Clip Review: Do They Actually Stop Apple EarPod Fallout?


Last month we covered briefly a new Canadian-made accessory for Apple’s latest EarPod headphones, called the Sprng clip, made by Hamilton-based industrial design firm OHM. These tiny clips latch onto your individual earbuds and a lever helps hold them towards your ear.

The company sent us a pair to check out–do they actually work as advertised? Let’s find out.

The packaging for the Sprng clip is very minimal and instructions are clearly laid out on the front. The small matchbook box in the centre easily removes and houses the clips inside:

Sprng clip review1

Each Sprng clip has a designation for left and right, but they look identical:

Sprng clip review2

There are two ways to install them: just slide or snap your EarPod into place.

Sprng clip review3

Insert your EarPod into your ear and shove the soft tip portion the Sprng clip into the antihelix part of your ear. It basically helps push the EarPod against your ear.

Sprng clip review4

Sprng clip review5

Now, the big question: do Sprng clips actually help hold EarPods in your ear? In our jumping and simulated jogging tests, the Sprng clips did hold our EarPods in place. But the same tests without the Sprng clips resulted in no major noticeable differences.

Maybe our ears just happen to fit well with Apple’s EarPods. At the end of the day you’ll have to adjust the clips up and down to suit your EarPods for the perfect fit.

However, if you are actually having an issue with EarPods falling out, testing the Sprng clips won’t break the bank as they are only $10 with shipping to Canada and the USA. They are designed well to match the aesthetics of Apple’s EarPods and the soft elastomeric tips did not cause discomfort. Thought has also been put into the packaging which is simple, minimalist and recyclable. They could still be worth a try.



  • Shawn Rouse

    I’ve been using the Sprng clips for about 2 weeks, and they’ve solved my problem. I had one earpod that wouldn’t stay in no matter what I did. After adding the clips, it now stays put. It’s not a perfect fit, but hey… ears are weird. In any case, this inexpensive add-on solved my issues and I recommend it.

  • Nice thanks for sharing. They did fit well in my ears but I’ve had no issues with stock EarPods. Like you said ears are weird!

  • 1His_Nibs1

    I figured these would work as they’re in essence doing what some other earbuds do. I bought a pair of Bose from Bellingham Costco and they came with S, M, & L silicone earpieces that are shaped like a “C” hook and they pop into your ear crease and allow the earbuds to sit kind of just outside of the ear canal & not inside the ear. A lot less irritating/painful.

  • kasT

    Been using Sprng for a month, they do make a difference. The real test and main intent of why bought is for wintertime. The earpod cord gets stiff in cold and when cord hits clothing the action lifts earpod out of your ear. I expect with Sprng in place this will not be an issue. Note like article said packaging is good, enables OHM to ships Sprng via small cardboard envelope in the regular mail. Well thought out product and packaging.

  • I’ve got a pair on the way; hopefully sooner than later!