Starbucks Cup Magic Augmented Reality App Launched For the Holidays


Just over a week ago, Starbucks launched their iPhone payment app, and now they have launched another app for the holidays. Starbucks Cup Magic is an interactive app that utilizes augmented reality to enhance your experience at stores. Essentially you’ll scan their red holiday cups, bags of coffee, and more in stores to ‘release’ new characters. The app will be updated in the future to support a Valentine’s Day theme. Note that eGift giving is not available in Canada, unfortunately.

Let’s bring the season to life with the Starbucks Cup Magic app! Use the app to find and scan all five Starbucks Holiday Characters – on Red Cups, Christmas Blend bags, in-store and more – and watch as they magically come to life through augmented reality on your mobile device. Who knows what holiday magic you’ll discover…

The app will also keep you up-to-date on the latest holiday offers and events from Starbucks. And when the holidays are over you’ll be prompted to install an updated edition just in time for some Valentine fun.

• Experience:
Find Starbucks holiday characters, scan them using the Starbucks Cup Magic app and watch them come life and create some holiday magic.

• Character Gallery:
Track each character as you find and bring them to life. Characters include: Carolers, Skater, Sledder and Dog, Fox and Squirrel.

• eGift:*
Send an instant Starbucks Card eGift using the Starbucks Cup Magic app. Because it’s never too late to give everyone on your list a delicious treat from Starbucks.

• Holiday Offers:
We’ll keep you up-to-date with notifications featuring the latest holiday offers and events from Starbucks.

*Note: eGifting feature is not available outside of the US.


This free app is definitely for the Starbucks addicts out there, and can also be a fun way to keep your kids occupied too. Click here to download from the App Store–it’s free.


  • Kraken

    If you’re truly Canadian, you’ll never set foot in this store.  Timmies FTW!

  • Where’s my double double, yo?!

  • Stavros

    What are u talking about? That means that if you’re truly canadian you should never own an Iphone? Blackberry all the way? I call that BS.

  • ????Dennis

    Good luck living by that once you had a Starbucks vanilla Latte with wip. It’s like crack! The eggnog latte is pretty badass. A double double cant touch it, lol.

  • Anon

    That sounds like something a little teenaged girl would like.  Real men drink coffee, black, from Tims.

  • Anon

    Here’s my few cents to clue you in.  He’s talking about Tims being iconic with Canada.  Mobile phones don’t have the same effect, so you are way off on that.  In some ways, the iPhone is similar to coffee Tims – it’s simple and tastes great.  Starcrap coffee, a US icon, is like Android – complex with so many flavors to choose from, and tastes like crap.

  • Stavros

    Obviously the one that needs to clue in is someone else here. What I has saying was, that you can not put down a brand just based on nationalism “If you’re truly Canadian, you’ll never set foot in this store” If you do that, with one product you should do it to all, or don’t do it at all. Find a different reason. Like you said “tastes like crap”. On top of that we Canadians are tolerant. We respect everybody’s tastes and opinions. Obviously you are not one of them.
    BTW I love Timmies!

  • Kraken

    Wow.  My comment was just a patriotic joke.  Much like the ‘I am Canadian’ ads and commercials you see everywhere.  Lighten up guys.   Geez!

  • Ditto!