Telus Optik TV Remote Recording iPhone App Updated for iOS 5


For Telus Optik TV subscribers, you’ll be happy to know the Telus Optik TV Remote Recording iPhone app (we reviewed it last September) has finally been updated for iOS 5. Previously, those using iOS 5 ran into issues with the app, as it asked you to contact Telus.

The app is unique as it allows users to record any program from anywhere, and also manage your scheduled and recorded shows. There is a full guide that resembles the one you see from your home DVR, to allow you to view program and cast info. It’s an awesome app, and it’s free. Other similar PVR apps are available from Bell and SaskTel Max.

Click here to download the Telus Optik TV Remote Recording app.


  • SENO

    Still just crashes for me?

  • Mike

    Works A-OK here. Freshly downloaded on a 4S

  • JG

    why can Shaw not have this?! been waiting years. 

  • JG

    why can Shaw not have this?! been waiting years. 

  • I have a friend who works for shaw.  They have been trying to upgrade their systems for years, but keep delaying it due to cost. They cant do this type of remote connection with the antiquated equipment they use. It’s all DOS based still (circa 1995). For example try loading the Video on Demand.  there are huge lags to get show information, load film cover art, ect. It wont be happening anytime soon with them.

  • Roberto

    My TELUS Optik App is not working.  I am able to input my email and password, but
    when it start loading it just crashes and boots me out of the app.  I have updated to the latest version and it
    was working fine on my JB IPhone 4 (ios 5). 
    Has anyone had the same issue and if so any resolve to it?

  • Jobie

    I have had the same issue after upgrading to ios5 on my iPhone 4. I can enter my username & p/w but the app crashed. Reset the acc’t with new confirmation Code & still crashes. Have removed the app & reinstalled as well, same outcome.
    Any ideas or resolotions out there?

  • MrD

    Yeah, me too. I’ve updated the app, but it just crashes right after I try to login. It worked for a few days after the iOS5 update came out, but now doesn’t.

  • Feehanpaul

    My app still crashes too… Wtf Telus???

  • PAL

    Telus is supposed to release another up date to resolve the crashes with the new IOS 5 update.  My remote crashes too and should be rectifying the issue in a couple of weeks.

  • Hannes

    same problem here, when you log in it crashes and you are out of the app. What gives???? No reaction from Telus anywhere?