Thanks to This Week’s Sponsor: MOBiLE CLOTH


Just a quick thanks to this week’s RSS sponsor, MOBiLE CLOTH. Makers of really great micro fibre cloths, they are currently offering free shipping for orders over $16.00 to all readers!

Pluss, you will receive a bonus 2-Pack ($5 value) when you purchase a 4-Pack or 6-Pack (limit one bonus per order).

Ask any of these recent MOBiLE CLOTH contest winners and they’ll attest these things really do work great. I thought micro fibre cloths were all the same, but these ones are the best I’ve tried so far.

Click here to visit MOBiLE CLOTH.


  • I was a winner of the contest, I haven’t received mine yet

  • Anonymous

    Cheep crap just like the zag invisishield thats not so invisible. Go to any optometrist and buy one of their professional cleaning cloths. You will be happier.

  • Mhwaite

    Woof, woof!!! I agree, the dog couldn’t have said it better!

  • Jth


    I will ship you a sample to try no charge if you will give MC an honest evaluation and post your comments. Contact me at

    MC is far superior to what you can get in an optometrists office-

    John H

  • Gary


    If you are interested, I would also be more than happy to give an honest evaluation of the mobile cloth if I was able to receive a sample of it. I have gone through many microfibers and they all seem similar to me, so if your product is different it would be a refreshing change! Let me know if you are interested and I can give you my contact info


  • Jth


    Please send me your ship address

    Note – all other interested parties refer to our website- thankyou


  • Fastrace24

    I was one of the recent winners and I received my cloth just a few days ago. I’ve tried it out on my iPhone 4 as well as my MacBook Pro screen and I think that it’s a great cloth. I’ve used many in the past and still think that this one is amazing. Without water, it removes all kinds of grime and finger prints too. No more oily touch screens. Perhaps people should try before they bash.

    P.S. – used to work in an optomestrist’s office and still prefer this cloth

    Thanks for the giveaway mobile cloth… I, for one, am quite happy!

  • Fastrace24

    Forgot to mention that it works fine with water, but works better than other cloths that I’ve used when not using water. 🙂

  • Guess

    What’s different this cloth from the microfiber cloth from Microtex we can get easily at Canadian Tire in package of 8 I believe and less than $10, same time less when they are in special…

  • Fastrace24

    I also forgot to mention, I, the CEO of MOBiLE CLOTH/ optometrist, use my cloth every day to clean up after I bust a load all over my phone because it always looks clean. Have Fun with that logic.

  • Fastrace24

    Obviously, that last comment wasn’t the real fastrace24. If you guys want to hate on the sponsors without trying the product, that’s fine. Kids will be kids. I have no affiliation with mobile cloth and I use to work at a Hakim optical location. I love this blog and have been following for a long time. If you like free giveaways, maybe you should try NOT bashing a product that you have no knowledge of. I’m sure that the guys who are giving us free stuff want to continue doing so when childish people just make fun of the products without having used them themselves. How about this. As a recent winner, I would like to thank the sponsors for giving me free stuff.

    Obviously, the real fastrace24 likes the site and giveaways and not being a total jackass. Anything negative after this is not the real me.

  • Jason

    Hi John, can you comment on where they will be shipping from? Just wondering if us Canadians may be assessed duty/customs charges when purchasing…. Thanks, Jason

  • JOHN H


    Everything ships out of San Diego, CA USA- we are required to list contents and (price paid) on customs label- I do not know if they asses a duty or not (we do not) I am thinking there may be an exempetion for such inexpensive items – (But Not positive) Customs is a mysterious place!


  • Jason

    Thanks for confirming John. Just ordered the 4 pack with bonus 2 to Barrie, Ontario. Hopefully customs will go easy on me 🙂

  • I’ll try to subscribe to rss feed of Mobile Cloths. I have my friend who has iPhone, and taking this one is great for him. Thanks for sharing it in here.