The Canadian War Museum iPhone App Now Available


The Canadian War Museum has launched a new iPhone app to bring a new experience for visitors. It includes an interactive floor guide, plus visitors can use the app to scan QR codes at various points of interest. If you’re visiting the museum to remember, this is a must-have app.

This application is designed to enhance the visitor experience of the Canadian War Museum.

The Canadian War Museum is Canada’s national museum of military history. Visitors will be guided through Canada’s rich military history through points of interest that can be accessed through scanning a QR code, keying in the appropriate numeric code, or by referring to a numeric list. Each tour stop contains a title, a short block of text, images, audio or video that highlights additional information related to the point of interest. A quiz question is supplied in each point of interest to create a dynamic learning opportunity.

Interactive floor maps help guide visitors through the halls of this architectural gem. Visitors will be able to scroll and zoom on the maps and easily switch between maps. Useful information such as location, hours of operation, admission fees and amenities is also included.

This application has been developed by Tristan Interactive Inc. with all content supplied by the Canadian Museum of Civilization Corporation.


Click here to download the Canadian War Museum iPhone app–it’s free.


  • Abc

    It’s nice to see our government funds being used so wisely when we have such a deficit.  Iphone apps for museums are such a high priority for the Canadian public.  Maybe they should pass a bill to ensure that every museum in Canada should get one.

  • EastVanBC

    Good to see an app for this museum. I’d like to eventually get out there and visit to learn more about our military history.

  • Aaron Reibin

    Love this idea as an almost personal assistant while at the museum.  Thanks for the information.