The Weather Network App Relaunches Itself With New ‘Follow Me’ Feature


The Weather Network’s first iPhone app was called WeatherEye, but now the channel has relaunched its app with a massive update. The difference? It’s not through an update to the WeatherEye app, but it comes via a new self-titled app called The Weather Network.

One of the newest features includes a ‘follow me’ feature that will use your GPS location to tell you local weather, saving you time from adding cities you’re traveling through. Other features include access to the UV index, pollen count, air quality, and forecasts for schools, parks, and airports.

Key Features:

• ‘Follow me’ provides location-weather as well as notifies you with ‘severe weather’ alerts, pollen, flu, air quality UV etc.
• Detailed weather forecasts including current, short term, long term (day and night), hourly forecasts and 14 day trend for your favorite cities
• Interactive hourly charts showing temperature, precipitation (POP) and wind speed with gusts and city comparisons
• Satellite and Radar Maps including past and future views
• Local provincial parks, schools and airport forecasts (GPS search)
• Premium video including daily forecasts, active weather coverage and top weather news stories
• Health reports including Air Quality Health Index, Pollen Report and UV Report

This ‘new’ app is fully-featured, and is supported by an ad banner along the bottom. What I enjoyed was the inclusion of a ski report, golf report, trip forecast, video reports, and a 14 day trend. Users can also upload pictures right from their iPhone to the Media section, to be seen by other Weather Network app users.



The app has nice animated transitions, and being able to tap on the air quality and UV report right within the forecast was a nice touch. It’s simple, interactive, and easy to use. With the new ‘follow me’ feature, finding the local temperature has become seamless. You

This is by far the best free weather app to date. Click here to download the Weather Network iPhone app–it’s free.


  • why would one want to download a Weather app when you use iOS 5, the weather is built right in your notifications.  Slide down and there you are.  🙂 just my thought… at least the app is free.

  • Anonymous

    Will WeatherEye be retired after this new app’s launch. I kinda prefer this one.

  • Anonymous

    Well, the built-in one is provided by Yahoo. The accuracy for the US might be ok but for Canada I will prefer the info from our own source. After all, The Weather Network has been doing a very good job providing the weather info I need with good accuracy.

  • Brad17

    they need to integrate this into notificationcenter cause its way better, but very inconvenient to have to go to the app.

  • Anonymous

    And I’m still not sure why this is ‘better’ than WeatherEye. I don’t need ski reports, nor do I want to upload weather photos to benefit the network. Weather that follows me is swell, up to the point where I might actually want to check elsewhere and WeatherEye also has a banner ad, so no improvement there.

    Apple’s default weather report is rudimentary, at best and being an integral part of Notifications is not a selling point – while apps like Celsius (and its icon badges) are swell, as long as the temperature doesn’t drop below 0c.

  • Anonymous

    I was wondering why WeatherEye wasnt updating… This is a whole new app so you must download it if you want it.

    I like the layout of the information compared to WeatherEye. And it’s still free!

  • Anonymous

    Do they have a widget?? Gary could u make a post specifically for widgets?? I can’t find any in the app store and have no clue how to find them!!

  • Anonymous

    Why could they just not make it an update for the previous version? Would be so much easier.
    And do we get push-alerts for weather warnings?
    And when will they actually get a forecast correct?

  • Tz616379

    That would be because weather and stocks are currently the only widgets available.

  • Anonymous

    Some folks might like WeatherEye more than this one so I can see why they didn’t do an update.

    Also they removed WeatherEye so that you don’t get confused on which app is their ‘official’ one. But also pointed all searches for “WeatherEye” to this new app

    And no push alerts yet for warnings

  • Aok

    New App is so much friendlier to use. Anyone know who designed it?

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone had battery problems after loading this app onto an iPhone 4s? My battery life crashes dramatically! According to System Activity Monitor, I have over 200 hours of life left until I install this. then I have 6 hours!