Upload 720p Video Directly from iPhone 4 with PixelPipe


One of the newest features of the iPhone 4 is the ability to shoot high definition videos in 720p. However, if you’ve tried uploading videos to YouTube, you’ll notice that they are compressed–and subsequently results in lower quality videos. What’s the solution to upload full resolution 720p videos from your iPhone 4? Pixelpipe.

How to Upload 720p Video Directly From Your iPhone 4 with Pixelpipe

The app Pixelpipe allows you to upload videos and images in their original high resolution glory to a multitude of websites: YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo, Facebook, Smugmug, etc–the list goes on. The entire list actually really impressive and will save you a tonne of time if you like to upload your media online.

The image below sums up Pixelpipe:

Here’s the iTunes description:

Liberate your media with Pixelpipe and get your media off of your iPhone and out to your favorite social network, micro-blog, photo/video and blog services. With over 110 supported destinations from around the world to choose from the choice is really yours. Free your media and share your life.


– 720p HD uploads direct from the iPhone 4
– Photo & video upload up to 225MB each file
– Background uploading
– Ability to add and configure services from the application Settings or from at
– Option to save time and bandwidth by reducing resolution in advance of upload

Here’s a small sample of services Pixelpipe supports:

I tried out Pixelpipe and was able to easily upload a 720p video from my iPhone 4 straight to YouTube without any issues. Background uploading is awesome! You can also manage your “pipes” online. I found it faster to quickly add sites online than versus the app (thank you 1Password for Mac!).

My only gripe with Pixelpipe is that the setup could be a bit more straightforward. Also, hopefully the 225MB file limit will be increased, but I can only imagine the impact on battery life with a 1GB file upload! Let me know how Pixelpipe has worked for you!

Click here to download Pixelpipe (iTunes).


  • camhunt

    is anyone else finding that videos are still getting compressed with pixelpipe?

  • iPhone4crazy

    I must true this app. Also upload speeds are faster through 3G so it should take shorter than wifi. Plus I would end up using my3G to un-cap the 225MB limit. Although I don’t see when I will ever upload a video that size. How long is a video 225MB at 720p I wonder?

  • Wuju

    I get this message when using the program. “An error occurred accessing the Assets Library” Global denied access, so I can’t see the library to send files over to dropbox for example.

  • James00

    What would my3G have to do with the 225MB cap?

    Someone please expalin

  • The worklow of Pixel Pipe is quite bad. I have 300 photos and 3 videos on my iPhone 4. I want to upload one of those videos to YouTube but I don’t seem to be able to filter the list to “show videos only”.

  • steve jobs

    charge your battery

  • MR

    I like my iPhone, but I hate Apple. Why do they insist on crippling their products to appease everyone but their paying customers??

  • xxJDxx

    anyone read about the TOS of this app?

    You grant than irrevocable rights to your media for whatever they choose to do with it..