WhatsApp Updated: Network Tweaks, High Res Wallpaper and New Media Viewer


One of my all time favourite cross-platform messaging apps is WhatsApp, which just received an update. The previous major update brought the much anticipated group chat feature. Today’s version 2.6.3 brings the following changes:

– VoiceOver Accessability fixes
– Network protocol optimizations
– New high resolution wallpaper in WhatsApp > Settings > Chat Settings > Wallpaper
– fix Group Notifications for ‘In-App vibration’ and ‘In-App sound’ in WhatsApp > Settings > Notifications
– “Exit All Groups” in Settings
– added ability to forward media into Groups
– “Email chat history” in Settings now asks “With Media” or “Without Media”
– full localization updates
– new media viewer
– fix location crash on some iOS 4.3 devices
– fix playing audio and video sent from non-iOS devices
– group chat size increased to 10 (was 5)

The ability to exit all groups and to email chat history with or without media is a nice touch. But my favourite is the addition of new high resolution chat wallpapers. The corkboard wallpaper is a nice look.

WhatsApp is 99 cents, and the best cross-platform messaging app. Click here to download it.


  • Agreed. I just hope that once the free year for Android, Symbian, and BB is over, my friends will pay for it aha.

  • Xhleung

    Doesn’t seem like the wallpapers are retina-ified…

  • Wuju

    how do you do group chat. Can’t find it? Thanks

  • Wuju

    Did some googling but I can’t see the group chat button or broadcast message on mine with the latest update. Do I have to turn on somehting?

  • Click on the Chat tab. You’ll see Group Chat along the top.