WhatsApp vs Ping! iPhone to iPhone Messaging Review


Remember when we reviewed Ping! for the iPhone? Ping! was pretty much an equivalent to BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) but for iPhone users. The program was fast, simple, and easy to setup. However, as with the evolution of all apps, there’s a new kid on the block that does the same thing, but better. Say hello to WhatsApp!

WhatsApp: Taking Ping! To A Whole New Level

I’m going to keep this review short and sweet. Why is WhatsApp better than Ping! at the moment? Here’s why:

– Messages send instantly like a chat; no progress bar watching like Ping!
– Ability to update your status; ie Eating Lunch, Away, Busy, etc; Also set status to “expire” after a duration
– Uses your iPhone contacts automatically and detects when they are on WhatsApp; no need to add users by ID
– “Typing” appears underneath your friend’s name when they are typing
– WhatsApp is currently FREE in the App Store
– Call, chat, or email contacts within the app
– Clean UI, very slick and Apple-like
– Facebook integration
– Future updates will have ability to communicate with BBM users!

Some downsides:
– Privacy: easier to give someone your Ping! ID vs your actual phone number for WhatsApp
– WhatsApp requires your phone number…why?

Why do you ask for my phone number?

We ask because that is how WhatsApp sends chat messages between you and your contacts. We value your privacy and will never share your number with third parties, ever! If you would like to learn more about our Privacy Policy, please take a look at our Privacy Notice.

So there you go. Right now I’ve been loving WhatsApp as a replacement for Ping! (although I still enjoy Ping!) and even IM+ at times for quick chats. The best part about WhatsApp is the speed and how contacts are already there, if they are using WhatsApp. Save on your SMS costs by using WhatsApp or Ping! like everybody else!

Click here to download WhatsApp. Tell me which one you think is better! WhatsApp or Ping! ??


  • Sounds good to me. Used it before it is great. Good fun. Good apps. Youtube and internet surfing great! Fear of breaking only bad.

  • so it's free to chat with friends anywhere in the world like Ping!, right.

  • Ping! does not work on unlocked iPhone.( can not connect to server).
    But, WhatsApp does. Get it now while it's free.

  • This is also great for privacy,

  • torontoalex09

    I dont know why people say its like blackberry messenger. it isnt. blackberry messenger shows you if the person has viewed your message, if they are on the phone or if its sitting waiting to be read.

  • Shane

    I just downloaded what's app and it's amazig no more one time user name

  • smarty

    whatsapp all the way….

  • Dusty

    Sounds like a good app to try out.

  • I've download the app but is push notification does not work on my jailbroken 3.1.2. I've installed Push Fix & You Tube from Cydia and my notification setting for Whatsup is all on.

    Anyone having this problem and how to fix it? thanks.

  • reyt

    I have the same problem as Justin. 'Just downloaded WhatsApp on both mine and the wife's jailbroken iPhones but push doesn't seem to work (both unlocked using blackra1n; used Push Fix as suggested but to no avail….) — same goes with my previously working Ping! app, so can't really tell the difference between the 2 applications….

  • doug b

    WhatsApp doesn't work for me at all. Using a JB phone, unlocked and running v3.0 firmware. I get an error saying that ” there was a problem registering your handset with Push Notification System”

    But I'm pretty sure that push notification works on my other apps.

  • Albert

    I am running 3.1.2 firmware and have an iphone 3GS. My email push notifications work but my PING! AND WHATSAPP push notifications do not work. I have tried so many different possible solutions but to no avail. Can we get some support please!

  • roadcarver

    IMHO, I still like Ping overall due to the notification message when I get a message from another Ping! user.

    The WhatsApp, what I like about it is its ability to use your contact, per the review. I have both installed and I'll see how it evolves. Thanks for the review and pointing this as a free app. I always welcome free apps 🙂

  • It definitely comes down to your personal taste. But at the moment I like
    WhatsApp, although more of my friends have Ping! setup. They are lazy to
    install WhatsApp while it's still free. Go figure!

  • roadcarver

    Ya, and then when it becomes popular and the dev charges for it, they'll say its too expensive LOL. I notified a couple of my friends and I out of the several friends that I told about WhatsApp, only two installed it. Hey, if I am able to avoid giving Robbers more money esp SMS usage, I welcome it.

  • same here. pretty please!

  • Albert

    I restored my phone to factory settings today and just jailbroke my phone instead of jailbreak + unlock. Unlocking seems to be the problem so if you don't need to unlock, don't unlock.

  • so all the push works after restore and only jailbreaking?

  • Albert

    Yeah push works without any problems now. Just do a full restore and don't unlock unless the time come's and you need to or until they find a way around this problem. Mind you, some people are still some how able to get push even through it's unlocked but I tried and to no avail.

  • did a full restore and it worked for a brief moment and now it didn't work. with or without Push Fix from Cydia.

  • Restored again but this time I did not use the backup file from iTunes but rather set up as a new phone. A bit of pain but now the push works for Ping!

  • windcharm

    I have used almost all the iphone to iphone application that were in iTunes in the last 2 months. Ping, Whatsapp, Flow Messenger, Free Foto Messenger, Yak!, etc. You name it, I have it.

    After using all of them, I have my preference for Yak! for the following reasons.

    1. Super fast in connecting to the server. I have noticed that the moment I launch the application, all my messages are sync within 2 seconds! I am not sure if this has to do with it having less features compared to Whatsapp, which seems to take up to 5 seconds to do that. However, Ping is just as fast as Yak but Ping has a really simple interface and has no archive of older messages.

    2. Simple yet smooth interface overall

    3. Smooth and fast sending of picture, which is free! The way to send picture in Yak is just like the MMS feature in the phone, which is good and what all of us are familiar with. The way to do it in Ping is too buggy. In Ping, you are not able to preview the picture you want to send. You can only select from the thumbnails. The loading time is long and the picture selected and sent shows up as a Ping icon instead of the actual picture itself. One has to click on the picture to see it. And currently the picture sending feature in Ping has to be purchased. Whatsapp is incorporating picture sending in the next update though and it will be free.

    4. No auto-showing of main phone contacts using the same application. While it is ok to show who and who on my list are having the same application, I am not in favour of letting all of them know my current status.. I may want some friends to know but just like my contact list, I do not want Everyone to know. Whatsapp does that. Though it is convenient to know and saves the trouble of finding out who has the same application, it sort of gets a little too personal.

    5. Not using of mobile number to add contact. As in my point 4, adding only by mobile number is too personal.. There are times when you meet someone in the bar and while you want to know that person better, you are not ready to move this person into your main contact yet.. Having said that, adding via email is just as inconvenient.. In this area, I much prefer Ping where you can add through an ID. However, as I write, I understand that the developer of Yak have already written an update to allow adding of friends via either email or a user id. Authorisation is needed in Yak to add friends. To prevent spamming, you could reject or delete a friend from the list.

    Just my 2 cents worth.

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  • veryphone

    Whatsapp it's kool but have not the location GPS

    Try VeryChat , it a very BBM like Application

  • auauauu

    All you need to have you push working for Ping! and Whatsapp is to activate your phone with AT&T sim card before unlock/jackbreak

  • auauauu

    All you need to have you push working for Ping! and Whatsapp is to activate your phone with AT&T sim card before unlock/jackbreak

  • Elo

    Does Whatsapp work in OS4? Look like it does not….

  • Chris

    whatsapp works perfectly fine in ifone4. i just downloaded it an hour ago. v happie abt it!

  • manuack

    It does, perfectly. the only problem I see with whatssapp its that its not abailable for iDen services. But I still love this app.

  • All messengers working on the hopefully soon obsolete telephone numbers (I don’t know why they still make a baby phone with 10 numbers, my baby will never dial a phone number I expect) are stupid. We want to communicate with the best and easiest way to do so. Why am I 0612923984 today and with my next job I am 061389983402. That is plain stupid. I want to tell friends to contact me at or something easy to remember. Even a Facebook name is better than 10-number crap. So WhatsApp is the new instand Dodo with expected life of say 3 years (then Mickeysoft is full ahead with Skype).

  • PissedatWhatsApp

    I signed up for WhatsApp, and almost immediately, I started getting junk text messages from people saying I’d won money in contests, etc.  I think they make their money by selling the phone numbers they collect to people.

  • PissedatWhatsApp

    I signed up for WhatsApp, and almost immediately, I started getting junk text messages from people saying I’d won money in contests, etc.  I think they make their money by selling the phone numbers they collect to people.

  • Onu alfred odilile

    whatsapp is better