When Will VLC be Released for the iPhone? You Don’t Want it Now


You might have heard the exciting news from a couple days ago regarding the release of VLC for the iPad. The Applidium team has been hard at work at getting this iPad version out and with my early tests…the app needs a desperate update. Certain HD videos were unplayable on my iPad (it said my iPad was too slow!), and the app just downright crashed upon launch even after deleting and reinstalling.

If you’ve been waiting for the iPhone version to come out, it’s on the way, according to the Applidium team:

Also, we’ve got many questions regarding an iPhone version. It’s in the works! We started with the iPad, but an iPhone and iPod version is coming.

I think we’re better off waiting for the Applidium team to update their existing iPad app, and smooth out the bugs before the iPhone version is released. That will ensure people will have a better experience the second time around.

What do you think? Are you desperately awaiting the release of VLC for the iPhone?



  • Sounds alot like my experience with the windows version I tried a couple years back.. it crashed, hard and often.

  • I use vlc on my pc. I dont really have an ipad but iphone version of vlc sounds pretty interesting.

  • Wuju

    Would love to know if VLC drains more battery to play a movie vs. Apple player. Would love to is VLC support RMVB files, which it does not at the moment.

  • Sifu78

    t will definitely drain more battery. It uses software decoding which is far more CPU intensive than the hardware accelerated apple player.

    The reason mpeg 4 is so popular is that it is can be hardware accelerated. Specific circuitry had been created to play this format. The same cannot be said for Divx xvid etc. It not a big deal when you’re on a pc an battery life is not an issue but when you are on a mobile device, it means 2 hours of video playback vs 10 hours.

  • Jonpilon

    From what I tried last night with VLC on my iPad that wasn’t actually the case. I loaded it up with multiple .avi files and after watching about 3 hour long television shows my battery was only down to 98%. I don’t know what they’re doing under the hood, but it did not kill my battery by any stretch.

    Also in regards to it crashing, I did a hard reboot on my iPad and found that fixed any of the problems including .mkv files.

  • The application is specifically for people who have hard drives full of .avi’s on a hard drive somewhere. With the popularity of the iPhone and iPad as a media device, I think .mp4 and .mov will be the video archiving media of choice. This will make VLC less relevant. I’ve already converted my archive to .mp4 and have full access on my iPhone / iPad and they look great. VLC is kind of trying to enjoy 8 track tapes in your CD player.

  • Nick

    I’ve been happy using VisualHub to convert videos to mp4s. It’s got an iPhone preset, though when I use that it makes it preset for the old iPhone so I only use that setting when I’m converting non-HD videos. If I’ve got an HD video I want to convert to 720p for the retina display I use the Apple TV preset. I don’t think they make visualhub anymore but you can still find it and it works great – accepts every video format I’ve put in it.

  • Nick

    (Mac only I think)

  • Not entirely true. Most HD downloaded movies and TV shows released on the scene these days, while using H.264, are in a Matroska (MKV) format, along with Dolby Digital (AC3) or DTS audio – formats that the iPhone and iPad do not natively support.
    Not to mention all the other codecs that VLC supports. It’s a swiss-army knife for video and audio. Yes, we can go through the process of converting videos… or we can play them in the format they’re already in.

    On my Mac, VLC is my default video app, for new and old videos.

  • Kerry

    My iPad versino hasn’t crashed yet, it just wants to look for iTunes movies on my computer . . . instead of recognizing that there are iTunes movies already on my iPad.

    Even on my Mac VLC player has always been a bit buggy and crashed from time to time.

  • Oh, for sure. Can you remind again about how many ripped BlueRay MKV HD movies can fit on an iPhone? 😉

  • Jeana

    The VLC on my iPad crashes every time I download a movie. It’s full of bed bugs!

  • Wuju

    Interesting. So it sounds like the software decoding does not drain as much battery as I may think than the hardware decoding. Very interesting.