We Are Not Developing Any Fingerprint Scanners, Says Samsung



If we look at Samsung’s history, every time Apple sets off a certain trend, it is usually the first one to jump on the bandwagon. With the iPhone 5S, Apple introduced the first ever gold coloured iPhone as well as an all new Touch ID finger print scanner. While the Korean “fast follower” has already teased an upcoming Gold Galaxy S4, it says a fingerprint scanner for smartphones is not on its “copy list” yet, BGR is reporting (via The Korean Herald).

“Samsung executive tells The Korea Herald that the company has no interest in adding fingerprint scanning technology like the iPhone 5s’s Touch ID system onto its next major Galaxy device. The company may create fingerprint scanners in future but for now it considers the technology to be in its early stages and unnecessary for its current lineup of devices.”

Hyundai Securities analyst Yoon Jung-Sun added that Samsung is waiting to see how well Touch ID works out for Apple before making its move. He noted that the Korean company has always been “a fast follower instead of being a risk taker.”

“Samsung will certainly adopt the fingerprint technologies down the road. Fingerprint scanners are a trend rather than a necessity. There seems to be few things that can be added to handsets. Smartphone makers now face an innovation hurdle,” Hyundai Securities’ researcher Yoon Jung-sun said. 

The Korean publication hints that the fingerprint technology will not be ready for the Samsung Galaxy S5 either, but may be ready for a debut on a new phone in late 2014.


  • matthewcouto

    They’re already busy working on a 64-bit chip AND a gold trimmed phone. We can’t expect them to do the fingerprint scanner as well.

  • Supacon

    Samsung wouldn’t add in a fingerprint scanner because they only add features to their phones that are genuinely useful to everyone.

    Instead their marketing department is busy creating ads to make fun of how stupid everyone is who uses a fingerprint scanner.

  • Chrome262

    The issue is, they don’t have access to the scanner tech that is used in Apples phone. they and others have tried it with horrible results (lenovo biometric scanner on their laptops). This new one actually reads better than predecessors and it understands orientation. if the patents were open, or they had access to components, then it would be on their next phone. As of now it would take them awhile to copy it. because of the exclusiveness of the Sensors manufactures deal with Apple.

  • Chrome262

    Yeah like NFC, or phablets, or Android, instead of a decent OS, So useful

  • Chrome262

    And what is with the app store logo in their stores lol

  • FragilityG4

    Yeah they much rather use your face to unlock phones … Because that can’t be easily bypassed ……

  • James

    well, to be fair, they built the 64 bit chip in the iphone 5s, so i guess they should be allowed to use it 🙂

  • Samy

    I think people should take this idea that samsung is a copy cat because iphone copies a lot of every other phones too

  • iFone

    Samsung: The most profitable knock-off company on the planet. Nuff said

  • iFone

    No, they shouldn’t. Apple owns the intellectual property behind the A7 chip design. Samsung is just the manufacturer.